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arabic logos

logos hand made by me
Arabic fonts
great thanks to all those who inspiring me in this art work specially [link]
and the prof [link]
with my big masters [link]
[link] who was the first to me .
withe sincere apologized if it wasn't a match to Arabic typographic
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سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة 
عمل رااااائع حقيقة والله انهم جدا روووعة الله يزيدك علم وينفعك بعلمك وينفع بك الامة 
اخوي انت استعملت الفوتوشوب علشان اتصممهم ولا هي خطوط موجودة حملتهم وكتبت عادي ؟؟؟
ويعطيك العافية سلمت اناملك 
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for more arabic art
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hellooo great job i like it ;)
can i ask u a fav from where u bring the arabic fonts cuse i need them to my flyer
thx lot ;)
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nice logo and design
Hello !,

I am the CEO of a company in Dubai with a Department of Branding & Marketing, we help companies in Europe and Latin America to build brands that appeal muslims consumers all over the world. We are creating a network of young talented arabs designers in different countries of the Middle East to collaborate with them, give them opportunites to work for internatioanl companies and get extra money.
If you are interested in being part of this project, please send us informations about you and your works. All candidates will be tested. email: Best Regards, JOSE DIEGO MANZANERA
I have to ask, where do you get your fonts from? And have you considered putting up a tutorial on how to create arabic fonts & incorporating them into logo designs? I am a graphic designer myself-but I find it extremely exhausting working with Arabic.
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follow up the links bellow they r my masters
& I already looked thru them. Amazing work.
So basically, they're all handwritten fonts.
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hello how to contact your ?
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thanks we will contact u soon just tell me , do you like working as freelancer ? or in company ?
رائع جدا جدا
أرغب في التعامل معك عزيزي
أرغب في شعار للمطبوعات تدور حول الاسم التالي
أجر المعتمر

Mashallah.. would love to have a long with my name.. Inshallah soon, ill work with you on this project.
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ماشاء الله انت كاتب ده بايدك ولا فونت ارجو الإفادة وشكرا
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great works ,,, I like them
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ماشالله عليك شعارات ححلوة
ممكن اعرف كيف سويتها ؟؟
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what program did you use???
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Wonderful Work :love:
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