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July 4, 2014
JAWS is an intense macro of a tiger beetle which you can view in full form here. This piece is truly impressive due to the angle and the fact that ELKAPL has gone even closer to shoot the subject. Colours and detail are extraordinary here.
Featured by 3wyl
Suggested by Miguel-Santos
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Cicindela hybrida (tiger beetle)
View LARGER please!
The whole insect you can see:…

Image details
Image size
1280x853px 1.26 MB
Canon EOS 50D
Shutter Speed
1/6 second
Focal Length
65 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 28, 2014, 7:36:45 AM
Sensor Size
© 2014 - 2021 ELKAPL
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kombizz's avatar

lovely macro capture

WongTorok's avatar
absolutely stunning , the focus of this photo is amazing!Well done !
Usagi-Atemu-Tom's avatar
Wow, just wow. Your photo of this tiger beetle, it's all of the sudden as if we have stranded into a new world full of animals we've never seen before. This shot is simply amazing.

Chris-Pull's avatar
VexFox's avatar
that's a beautiful insect. you can see each individual facet on the ocelli, and the details on the mandibles and pedipalps are phenomenal! Let's not forget how amazing the settae look.
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
Look at that pretty beetle. :)
JWright-3D-Graphics's avatar
dam bugs can get real ugly close up 
Clockwisecat's avatar
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Catilena1890's avatar
Kill it. Kill it with fire.

Great pic though! LoL
DeterminedGaurdian's avatar
lol I get the reference!
TheMorlock's avatar
Beautiful and scary.
AmongTheFirst's avatar
It almost seems he's smiling
chaos-in-compounded's avatar
the best photo of it's type that I've scene in awhile!!!
TootsieBear's avatar
Jaws: This time ants are the ones with the might chompers.
MysteryBandit's avatar
mayannes-art's avatar
Wow!! Truly an amazing shot, the colors are so crisp and vibrant! Well deserved DD! :) (Smile) 
ColorfulShark's avatar
i can call this the drug bug

or high bug

or 420 bug

hella awesome shot btw
Demonlemon's avatar
Sketch-Shepherd's avatar
So creepy... but also so beautiful!
Voaz-Kzrhovb's avatar
it's amazing how such a simple creature can have so much personality in just it's natural body and structure alone. bugs and insects may not be capable of having personalities, but the overall nature of a creature and it's purpose is so clear in the way it's body is shaped and the colors and so on.

it's like how people express themselves with their hair and clothing, but as though they had no choice but to wear their personality and purpose on the outside permanently, and yet it's no such a bad thing because they're all comfortable to do so.

i dunno if i'm rambling, but i get such an emotionally boosting feeling thinking about how small and microscopic creatures are free of worries about fitting in, and how they all know their place in life and don't have to worry about being judged and singled out, because their society is so basic and simple. that has both its good and bad sides but anyway...

//i must have lost a lot of sleep and blood because i sound like a crazy person right now XD//
chichichichipndale's avatar
I hope I don't get eaten by this thing.
ChuChu-jellie's avatar
I can't stand bugs but it is so intriguing! Are these colours the bug itself or an effect? If it is an effect you have done an amazing job, and if not, your camera outstanding, all that detail!
Relinquish022's avatar
NO! no no no no no no no.EXIT PAGE! GO!
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
I bet they are terrible kissers.
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