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Nightmare and sunrise

MLP FIM Nightmare moon Luna
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Absolutely beautiful artwork ^v^
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Nightmare Woona is just awesome!
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T.F.: all hail the goddess of darkness!
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Love the touch of color in the eyes.
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Beautiful work.
Has this Lord of the Rings vibe.
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wow... Nice work!!! I really like the style you did with the Luna army. It has a sort of changling army vibe goin on and the purple embers/flares/fire was a great touch.

Good Job!
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I really really adore it when I see others giving us their own visions of a past we only get snatches of during the season. It always strengthens my like of the fanbase seeing things like this.

Great emotion and tone here, and I love how you sortof made the colors wander as we look about the canvas. It gives a small feeling of foreboding unnaturalness in that.

This was in GIMP again, Elka?
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Wow. I just... Wow.
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"The war begins"
love your use of color here
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Wonderful work.

I like the pose you gave her
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Nightmare Moon is such a great villain.
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And better than Luna :3
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The colors are fantastic! And her position makes her look very dignified
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The colors are beautiful.
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Thats awesome!~
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Awesome work! :D
The detail you put into Nightmare Moon is amazing!
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