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Swimming with whales

By ELK64
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 Hey guys ! I hope you're well ! This time I'll be asking for your help ! I'm participating on a contest and the result are gonna be super important because it will decide wich place I'll get at Polymanga (biggest swiss convention). Also, the winners get a bit of money helpful for printing and paying basic stuff during the event.

How to help? Click on this facebook link (…) and then like the picture on the page! You can then also promote the picture by sharing it on your own social media and ask for mutuals to do the same!

A huge thanks to all people that will like and promote :heart: !


FR: Hello les gens ! Vous pourriez me donner un ENORME coup de pouce en allant liker mon illustration (cliquer puis liker ce lien:…). Notre placement sur le concours défini notre placement sur le salon et il va s'en dire que c'est primordial pour le bon déroulé d'un festival d'être bien placé... De plus les 6 premiers gagnant ont une petite cagnotte coup de pouce !

Likez et partagez, ça m'aidera en plus de me faire très plaisir <3 Le thème du concours est "vegan" et j'espère que vous aurez compris après avoir observé l'image dans ses moindre détails ce qu'elle est censé dégager !

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wonderful! I love the detailing on the wahles, the moving pose, looks so natural, and the co,lor gradients, an awesome art X3
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Magnifique travail ! ^^
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so blueeee, magnificent, beautiful and wondrous. 
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Ahhhhhhh, so nice to see new art from you, this is so absolutely gorgeous, I love the contrast in color of warm vs. cool, your art is as beautiful as always!!  *0*
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My two year old sister thought it was a video. “Watch! Yeah, watch! Pooosh” *taps center of pic*
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amazing artwork :meow::heart:
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it looks truly amazing, I love your style ♥♥♥
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What a beautiful work😍 I'm so fascinated of the seaworld<3
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This is so beautiful! The detail and accuracy of the whales is excellent. I love the detail of the eye of the whale most. The shades of blue of the ocean are also quite lovely.
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This reminds me of Moby Dick. I'm currently reading it in my spare time. It's said that the whale is supposed to symbolize the greatness and vastness of the universe, and other incomprehensible things. I suppose it only makes sense, when you get so close you really come to face with how large they really are, not like in a picture online or in a book. Whales are truely majestic creatures. And if it would survive and also be happy, I'd have one as a pet ;3
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I feel like all the nuances in this painting help me see into your soul as an artist. It might not seem like it at first glance, but there's so much emotion and feeling in this painting. I get a sense of hopefulness, amazement, awe, wonder, and warmth in this, as well as an odd sense of dread and regret. It's like you're admiring these beautiful creatures, and that admiration gives contrast to some of the terrible things us small humans have done to them. I really love this painting and it speaks to me on a really personal level. That's so amazing to me; you did an incredible job putting this together.
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I love it! so beautiful!
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So peaceful ♥ ! I love it!
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awesome colors :)
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I love this pic. Nice
D'awww! So cute...for giant aquatic blubbery mammals.
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That's beautiful! Whales are my favourite mammal. You did a phenomenal job with this one. 
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