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The Dungeon Master

By ElJore
Inspired by Geek& Sundry's Twitch show "Critical Role", and the amazing descriptions by the show's Dungeon Master, Matthew Mercer (explicitly the "flickers of arcane energy")... who should be known as "Merciless Matt" :B

I want to thank my friend RhexFiremind who helped me by rendering a beautiful d20 for me to use as reference, since I changed my mind about a matte die, and wanted to make one that was see-through (and I don't have see-through dice :B).

If you haven't already, check Critical Role, it's way too fun:…

I hope you like this (:



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I absolutely love this image, would it be cool if I used it to great a thumbnail for a video on why people should become dungeons master, on my YouTube channel? Have a great day!

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Thank you!

Sure! It's very nice when people ask :D

Just make sure to credit me in your video and it's all good (a link to this page or ArtStation or Instagram ). Also, I'm curious about your video, so feel free to share it here as well (:

I hope you also have a great day!

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Woohoo! Thank you!

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"Merciless Matt"? I think you mean Merciful Matt, considering how many different times and ways VM could've TPK'd themselves while being chaotic

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Well, I had only seen like 5 of the 10 episodes aired by the time I made this and I saw Grog go down pretty easily :D

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I'm trying to fit an "it's high noon" joke in here somewhere, but it's hard!
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You're welcome. :D
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fantastic! the subtle flickers of light and the glowing blue look magnificent.
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Thank you! My heart warms when people call my work nice adjectives -w-
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you definitely deserve them. uwu
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Wow, this is fantastic! I love the little flecks of vibrant blue on the pic at different points, and the shading is just fantastic. =D
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Thank you!
It was an expression Matthew used to say often during the first episodes "flickers of arcane energy", it was also my favorite part to paint :D
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This is what being a DM should feel like. Perfect portrayal.
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An agent of destiny? Sure, I bet :D!

Thank you for stopping by and commenting (:
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Hey! can I use your draw in my website?
It's called "Find a Table" and will be a platform to RPG players find out a table created by a Master.

The website will be free, of course. :D
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Sure! And you can also buy it as a print if you like (or any of the people who browse your page).…

I bet it must look great on a gaming room :D

Thank you for stopping by!
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