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don't normally like anime stuff , apart from DBZ pokemon/digimon when I was younger it never really apealed to me . untill about last week when I got netflix and watched the GITS film out of curiosity .My god it was awsome. As I understoand now it was the main inspiration for the matrix but above that it really reminded me of a more fast paced ,sexed up blade runner which had me completely sold. Any way on to the story behind this image. Basically it s my submittion to a weeekly art challenge between me and my classmates , we came up with the idea of painting our own homae to our fave anime , in our own style ,naturally. So it was the perfect oppertunity for me to paint up the Major.

however This didn't turn out as well as I wanted it too and took far too long due to poor planning so quality suffered . Oh well Live and learn I guess glad I persivered . anyway hope you enjoy , any feedback is welcome
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Welcome to the fandom :)  Wonderful art.
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Thank you  , I'm glad you like it =D
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-_- I knew this would end up on here. Great job though.
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soorry haha thanks dude , 
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Very very cool. ^^
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Thanks very much =)
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Great work!
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Thank you very much , I'm glad you think so =D
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Glad you like it thank you =D
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