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I Like many of you guys ,I'm assuming, have watched the Hobbit in recent weeks , and regardless of the bundles of reviews I'v read that film was an absolute nerdgasm of an epic , I love the dwarves of tolkien ilk and I'm absolutley delighted we get more of a spotlight on them now and there history in middle earth with all the added backstory of thorin that they've added in in addition to the origonal titular text.

Anyway ....back on course- Heres a image I recently created for some family member(s) for christmas , Admittedly like I do with most of my work , it tends to look rough ...i'm blaming it on the weekend long deadline , my part time job and two very nasty hangovers. apart from this I hope you guys enjoy , feedback and crit. is most certainly welcome.....and merry christmas too =D
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Detailed and simpy epic.