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Verrus Model Turn Around

You guys remember the reference sheet for Verrus, right?

The latest in my current modeling WIP. Verrus is modeled in 3d Studio Max, (its base a high low-poly at 5400 polygons), then softened and rendered in Mudbox.

Next up: Textures.
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Well his calves look a bit swollen but otherwise very cool! :o
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I wanted to give him muscle there, since he's a fighter and not a body-builder (and those are running-type muscles). I may have over exaggerated a bit. It'll probably shift while I fine-tune him in Mudbox.

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I'd look at photos of people w/big calves & use that to gauge how much is too much, good luck!
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That's the scary part. Have you ever googled muscles? most of those body builders are terrifying!

I've got him in mudbox now (materialed version to come soon?) and his legs look pretty toned down, as do his calves. I just painted until it felt right rather than poly-modeling. You'll have to judge that when I post the final video.
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Looking good. At some point I want to model him in 3D.
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I'll need to make a few changes to the character sheet, having gone through it now. :) Shouldn't take too long, though.
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