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Verrus, 3d Reference Sheet

Edit: The first book of the series this character comes from is out! Download a copy for free!

A reference guide for Verrus. This took about a week to make-- a bit slow for the muscle learning curve. He's the biggest character I've yet drawn.

For those not familiar with 3d sheets, this sort of guide (the pose, the identical multiple views) is created for the express purpose of 3d modeling. The image is imported into a 3d editor (3d Studio Max in my case), and used to model the character. I've taken an extra step by making a back view and an interior leg view, but given Verrus' muscular definition, it's needed.

Terms of use: reference and model off of it, by all means-- just drop me a note and let me see the final product. If you'd like to do more, please ask.

Other 3d guides:
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would you be willing to submit this to :iconmodelsheetcentral: and allow others to make 3D models based on your work?
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Oh, I've not seen that group. Sure, and thanks for bringing it to my attention!
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NP! don't forget to add a brief terms of use statement to your deviation description outlining what you want when it's used (ie credit etc)
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That is very good. Did you also make the guides or is it a template?
I like the muscle detail :)
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I made everything; two evenings of work, lots of measuring, lots of reference. Thanks!
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May I ask what you used for reference?
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Well, no one reference photo. I searched stock for different sort of muscles, then studied them for a while, and found a happy medium between muscle tones. Half of the detail on Verrus is made up, or based purely off of anatomy.

I have been heavily referencing Eliot Goldfinger's "Human Anatomy for Artists", which is probably the best muscle deconstruction book I've ever seen.
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