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Blank World Map (Robinson Projection)



The Robinson-projection blank world map.

I like to make realistic fantasy maps in my free time. So, here's a world map without the world, earth based and free for everyone.

A few map-making tips:
  • The tropic lines tend to be desert. Ironic, isn't it?

  • Tropical rain forests tend to be found on the equator. 60° N/S can get pretty wet, too.

  • The arctic and antarctic circles are where you'll get 24-hour days around the hemisphere's mid-summer

  • Earth's axial tilt is at about 23.5° -- if you change this, the tropic and the arctic circles change, as well as the seasons and how water disperses (since a lot of water flow in the summer is snowmelt)

  • The hottest and the coldest places on a planet will be on the interior of the continents. Oceans act as a giant heat sink.

  • Mountains tend to have a wet side and a dry side, depending on prevalent winds. Ever hear about how it's always raining in Seattle? Blame the cascades; Eastern Washington is two steps away from being a desert.

  • This is a great (free) world building reference: A Magical Society Guide To Mapping

Terms of use:
  • If you use it, link back here so other map-makers can grab it too.

  • I'd like to see your maps, because I'm a bit of a cartography junky, so give me a link in the comments if you feel like it.

  • Post your maps wherever, on DA or off. I'm easy-going.

Have fun world building!
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I posted your projection in my community. I hope you do not mind. https://vk.com/the_cartographer

And my map: https://www.instagram.com/vladimir.lapshin/