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Okay. I know there are MANY tutorials. MANY FAQs. But goddamnit, I receive so many absolutely similar questions every day :crazy:
I would highly recommend you to download and read this tutorials. They are nice and easy:
Yep! Here they are
But you may also read how to download or install brushes here)

:bulletgreen:How do I download the brushes?
Usually you should just left-click on the “Download” button in the left of a deviation. If it does not work, try to disable any download managers and then right-click and “save as…”. If dA tells you about errors, try it later.

:bulletgreen:How do I installloadopen brushes into Photoshop?
First of all find a file you have just downloaded :D Unzip it if necessary. You need just a .abr file. Start PS. Select Brush tool. Open a window where you can select different brushes, click on a little triangle and select “load brushes”. Find you .abr file and double-click on it. PS will ask you, should it ADD this brushes to previous loaded (append button) or remove all loaded (not from your computer – you can load them back at any time) and show only this new set. Or even cancel ;) If you have a slow computer, I’d recommend to select replace.

:bulletgreen:How do I set up sizecoloretc for brushes in PS?
Yey, a big question ya know. Try to read photoshop guide itself. Or try this candy again ;)

:bulletgreen:How do I use PS brush set in other program?
Photoshop Elements Simply:
Close PS elements if it's running. Place the *.abr files into:
Program FilesAdobePhotoshop Elements XPresetsBrushes where X is the version number for your version of Photoshop Elements.
Other software?
Well, now we have some more problems. After opening this account I learned about so many new graphics software BUT I don’t use them myself. I’m in love with PS :heart:.
Damn well.
Usually you’ll have to work with png images, and then load them to a program you use and convert them to a brush. I, and many artists provide psd or png packs for their brushers.
If you program doesn’t work with psd (O_o) or there is no anything just abr file,
try this link - abr file -> png file -> any program


I will add some more useful links later. Any suggestions are welcome :)
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myphotorose's avatar
thanks for sharing !! I use your wonderful stuff here [link]
yuneyune's avatar
Hey, do I need to credit on every one, or can I just write a journal saying that the brushes I used are from _______? Sorry, but I keep on forgeting who made which brushes
TamperedDreams's avatar
How about GIMP? :/
XKisaSohmaX's avatar
ah, i'm still not sure how to load the brushes!!!
ElizavetBrushes's avatar
Losd into PS? Just try it :) What exactly don't you get? Tell what you do, and I'll try to help
darkangel10028's avatar
This is very late D:
Do the brushes work in Photoshop Elements?
ElizavetBrushes's avatar
Well, it's a lot of FAQs around, I don't think they are ALL too late ;)
Answer is YES:
Place the *.abr files into:
Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements X\Presets\Brushes where X is the version number for your version of Photoshop Elements.
Huh, probably I should add this question to faq too
LunaxLlama's avatar
How do you import the brushes to PS7?
ElizavetBrushes's avatar
I don't know how to IMPORT brushes already created in CS into ps7. I just had ps7 and have done some sets with it.
BUT, if you want to import brushes from one my psd files (I've done it for some popular sets) all needed instructions are in ReadME file.
=)With Best Wishes,
Liza :blackrose:
Vueiy-Visarelli's avatar
All your brushes look so great...but I have Paint Shop Pro (not Photoshop), and I was wondering if you might be able to convert some for that program, too. They say you can import PS brushes to PSP, but that's only if they're a certain size (and I've yet to see any that'll fit). I don't know anything about converting the files myself, but I've seen others with stock/brush/etc. accounts do it, so I guess it can be done. This is, of course, if you're able to do it (no pressure, lol), and if you want to. Thanks!
ElizavetBrushes's avatar
Well really I have never work with PSP. I remember text about importing PS brushes to program but not sure was it psp or something. Maybe you can look for "import" in brushes menu?.. Anyway I'll search some info about this question :)
darkgarden's avatar
You brushes look awsome! But I only have PS6 :(
Are you able to upload or send image packs of any of them? I can make sets for PS6 and send them to you, if you like.
ElizavetBrushes's avatar
Hi there and thanks! :wave: Well all PS7 sets does work with v6 so try them out :D About latest bruses - they are for CS versions and sadly I'm not able to remake some of them. Anyway you can tell me which one you would like to use, hm I will see what can I do :)
Good luck!
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