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The Green Rider

Today's September 14th, which marks my 4th year here on deviantART. I thought I would celebrate by submitting this. 4th year of submitting art, and nearly 5 years since I started Inheritance art/read Eragon.

Although this is simple, it clearly states who I think will be the green rider. Obviously Arya guys....anyways, re-did her design to include armour. Some of the bottom got cut off though, you SHOULD be able to see her whole hand....

SO, the first of many book 4 art, which I can't wait to do actual scenes. Guess what the first scene I draw will be, just guess. Because it totally can't be the epic AxE that will happen.

Anyways, about book 4 and art, my group :iconinheritance-fc: is having a contest about what you think will happen in book 4. Draw what you think will happen and win awesome prizes. Each place wins a subscription and art works done by me. The level of detail depends on where you place and 1st place wins a 3 month subscription. Read more about it here: [link]

Done in Copic Markers and watercolour(background)
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This is great!
I specially love the way you make her hair and armour design ^^
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I love how you draw Arya! Firnen looks a bit like a chinese dragon to me here though.
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beautiful! I love the costume/armor design you've created for arya, it suits her personality very much
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I honestly wasn't expecting Firnen to be so dark in the book- I like Palencar's art a lot, but his portrayal of the dragons is...odd. And the only one whose color is the way I envisioned it is Glaedr's.
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Im provably going to be kicked for this but... I really hate the fact of Arya being the 3rd rider. I always knew that will happen, but I still hate it. I like Arya, she is strong, wise and beautifull, three tings I apreciate in a female character in a book, and that is the same reason that I hate her for being the 3rd rider.

-sighs- whatever. Im in love with this saga anyway! just as Harry Potter and The Kingkiller Chronicles.
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I think though, that her becoming the 3rd rider isn't as important as people thought it would be. She's one of the first new riders, but there's going to be a lot more. Her role as a rider wasn't pivotal to the plot. Firnen wasn't the last egg, there's hundreds more.

I think her being a rider always fit her character. She saved Firnen's egg from the castle, and I don't think anyone deserved him more. None of the other characters fit the role.
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I know all of that, Im not sayin is wrong or a bad idea, I just... dont like it at all. This saga is one of the most predictable books I read, the only thing I failed to see was the little fact that Murtagh survived in the end (wich make me extra happy), Arya is a character I really like (just like Angela and Elva).

I dont deny it fit her be a rider, but... -sighs- I dont know how to explain it... Im not too good at explaining things (much else my own thoughts je je je).

I like your art by the way. I especially enjoy the faces you give to the characters (specially Murtagh). Im not a fan of EragonxArya pairig, but I like how you draw them, she look really pretty, elegant and so sure of herself!

I have a few sketches of them but... my style don fit too well =P its too anime-ish. I thing ill keep an eye on your work.
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Inheritance is predictable. It always has been since the first book. It also isn't the greatest thing ever or the best writing. I only read them because they're fun to read/to finish the series because I started reading them 6 years ago. (I mostly like drawing it)

So basically, you didn't want her to be rider, just cuz? So if you didn't want her to be the rider, who should have? I don't see anyone else fitting the role.

I was expecting Murtagh to die though. Paolini said he was going to do it too, but he chickened out. His death would have made him a stronger character.

But thank you, I've spent years working on these characters and their designs.
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I really like the books no matter how predictable they are, I read a book for its characters and the development. Paolini give me a few surprices. Im not against Arya or hate her for being a rider (like some readers I see in the net), it fit her like you say. I supose I prefer for the identity of the 3rd rider not to be showed, I guess I like the no specific endings... english is not my first leguaje and Im not very good at it, its a little hard to find the words to explain.

Oh... I have your pic of Eragon, Arya and Murtagh as my wallpaper! I love how they look (specially Murtagh).
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I just realized that this is the day Halo: Reach came out. special day for us all.
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What technique are you drawing it looks so beautiful? You're not even through the computer? It's amazing.
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Copic markers and copic liners! Watercolor wash for the green background too.

Thank you!
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I honestly wanted Roran to be the green rider. Arya annoys me too much but she is a good rider..I'll say that. But, still if Roran was the green rider then he would outlive Katrina and his daughter and such and such....

Amazing picture BTW! ^^
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It looks like we were all right about who it would be huh? Fate has a cruel sense of humor. LOL
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Arya and Firnen. Amazing. I love it.
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i loved this pic so much i had to comment twice :3
if i where to go back in time ( grade 1) and the teacher where to ask me what i wanted to be when i grow up... instead of saying a vetrenarian (now its changed) i would have said.
:D and then i suppose my teacher would faint. :faint:

i shouted brisingr in public and now i'm in a mental hospital !!!!!!!!!
LOL jkjkjkjkjkjkjkkjk


Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass
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And you were correct!!! Lucky you!!!!
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Looking back it's pretty cool you gave her a headband XDXD
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I love drawing headbands. No idea why, but it's fun and make's Arya's hair look amazing.
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who here just dispises that the roran parts are bigger than the eragon and or arya parts
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