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Rulers of Palancar Valley



Well, not really, since Roran is only the Earl, but he's still representing Nasuada's rule. Or whatever.

I am running out of Inheritance titles okay.

But oh my goodness. Inheritance art. AND it's of Roran. And Katrina. And omg, it's little Ismira. Obviously something is wrong with me. I've been too pro-family cuteness. I am going to blame Fire Emblem Awakening. Yes. My family and shipping plans in that game are intense. I even wrote out a chart.

I'm supposed to be colouring something else, but then this happened. I procrastinate art by doing other art.

And this is why nothing gets done.

I imagine Ismira being a bit on the reckless tomboyish side of things while growing up. I don't see her liking dresses that much. Which would be fully encouraged by Roran. At least, behind Katrina's back. I just think it fits. They named her after a strong name (and Katrina's mother too), so I fully expect her to live up to the name and be a tough little tyke.

If we are to go by my post-inheritance headcanon, there should be some more kids in this picture-- because they need to have more. And Ismira would become a rider several years after this.

PS: I like how little Ismira came out. I am surprised. But I have been getting better at drawing children.

PPS: I imagine all the people who have been begging asking me to draw Roran (and Katrina) are currently going"SHE FINALLY DID IT!"
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