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Future Riders of Inheritance

Done today during my livestream:/

Pretty sweet, had trouble with the colours:/ But yea, here's a coloured Murtagh, Eragon and Arya.

Kept my random scribbles on it. Including my doodle of Saphira and Eragon size wise. I honestly think she should be bigger...

For the record, I didn't colour it in, but Eragon's shirt is actually part of a body suit. It's made up of a pretty strong material and weave and is pretty much as good as armour.

Was pretty tempted to draw Kevan, as he would be a sexy adult in this time....but eh. Next time. I'll include Ismira and everyone else too.

Edit: You can watch a bit of this getting coloured here [link]
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I love this! Especially Murtagh with the long, long hair...
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why does no one make a story about eragon and murtagh meeting again??????????????????
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DUDE! EPIC!!!!!!!!
At least you stuck with the correct colour for Arya's hair, unlike that shitty film they made!

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lol I think it's funny how Paolini went with a color scheme thing. Murtagh, his sword, Thorn, Red. Eragon, his sword, Saphira, Blue. Arya, her magic, Firnen, green. They are all so matchy I love it xD
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Arya is done beautifully in this, keep it up!
BTW You're seriously talented and your work is awesome. Please do more of Arya!
I'm doing a fantasy/erotica story on my blog. Arya portrays the main female character. Check it out if you like, it was inspired by the Inheritance Cycle. @
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Murtagh hot!!!! i srsly wish he were ral
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With Sapphira THAT huge, there's really no point in fighting from her back anymore, huh? Just let her do all the fighting. ...Unless you're lobbing thunderbolts. :P
WhereAreMyOreos19's avatar
Murtagh! Ahhhh.... *drools*

Amazing job with all of them! I really love it.
Melody-in-the-Air's avatar O_O
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Are those gun holsters on their legs? just how far in the future does this take place?
ElizaLento's avatar
Technology advanced through magic, I'd say we're at 1000 years or so.
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you should redo this with how much talent youve gain over time, im drooling at the thought of updated Murtagh
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Haha, I think I did this last year? It was only a design sketch and I've only really drawn Eragon futuristic since.
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Then you should do another of just murtagh.... That would be very generous to the public. *Drools at thought*
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Saphira is amasing! :D
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I love Murtagh's design here, and Arya also looks pretty sweet. However, I'm not sure what is going on with that green vest like thing that Eragon is wearing.
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pretty much...I've been staring at it for a while, trying to figure it out.
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Hmmm....I almost decided on a couple of things, but it still looks ambiguous to me. :XD:
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That's Eragon's intention...while you are trying to figure out what he's wearing he can strike!
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Bahaha! I guess your right. It looks like hoody, vest, cape, type thingy. And it looks way to small for him! :D They look like they are going skiing with Kim possible!
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