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Eliza's Epic Eragon Meme


A few notes before I get murdered by angry mobs.

I don't really hate any characters. I'm pretty neutral with most of them. Nasuada and Elva are just at the bottom of that list.

I will admit that I do slightly dislike Nasuada due to her terribly boring chapters and also stuff from outside the books, regarding pairing her with Eragon/being next rider. When I was a teen, she threatened my Arya, plus a lot (not all) of her fans get on my nerves.

Do NOT complain in the comments. Because they will all sound like this to me:


And yes, I'm not a diehard fan anymore guys. I still love the books, but I think that it's been so long that my enthusiasm has died. I have a ton of other things that I love more, so it really isn't a priority. It's still one of my favourite things to draw though

Everything else is random. Fan fics suck for Eragon.

And Eragon and Arya are hot and are my favourite characters. A lot of fans dislike them. They have faults, but I like them for that.

And the typos in this meme are terrible.

Besides that, I hope my fellow Canadians enjoyed their Turkey Day. Mine was yummy.
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I'm not the only one who hates Eragon/Arya?? Who else is there?!?!?!?
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That elf you drew was HOT. As. HELL...
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Honestly I felt like characters like Nasauda and Elva didn't have enough effort put into them. As in, I feel Chris tried to put TOO much effort into trying to make them cool and it ended up making them boring, and lacking any personality depth.

Plus, Nasauda's name made me think of an inside out nostril for some reason :|
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Love this, I almost died laughing. Love the ganondorf reference lol
Mistress-of-Light117's avatar
^^ I'm reading Brisingr at the moment and so far its pretty good ^^
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LoZ FTW, I have a shirt like that and it is my prized possesion
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Sorry if this is a bit late, but wow I love this! Arya is literally my all time favourite character ever, and I also love Eragon, nor do I particularly care for Nasuada or Elva. I love The Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword Link and Zelda are the most adorable things ever (: and I am still waiting for mark of Athena :/ I also agree about how the fanfics suck
okay wow I love you bye
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I laughed like a stupid when I read the 5 & 6 chapter!
I love them! And I don't think that Arya is a Mary-Sue.. she's just an elf! Besides, when she came back by her prison in Durza's castle she was absolutely upset and a Mary-Sue wouldn't be. A marysue will be fantastic and happy anyway. So SHE'S NOT A MARY SUE. Right?
Anyway.... I didn't understand if you like or not Roran O.o

Ah, sorry for my english but I just study it as school.. so there will be a lot of mistake, I suppose xD
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I have to agree with you on those bad fanfics, before Inheritance came out it was all Sue-filled book 4's- aaannd now it's all "Inheritance's ending sucked- this is the way it should have ended/the continuation" 's. There are so few decent stories that I can count them on one hand.

I have a few plots in mind for the category myself, though, one, or two, based on comments from Paolini himself.
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True story, most Eragon fanfics are like BLLEEAARRRGGHHHH ew. I toyed with writing my own post-Inheritance fic, involving Eragon and Arya's kids (because that was the ending EVERYONE WANTED, even just a kiss would've been fine), but I'm scared it's crap.
All in all, love the meme.
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Yea, they're all crap. I like to think mine's pretty good though. At least a lot of people seem to like it?
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Awesome drawings! ...I noticed, though, that Murtagh says "Dark Kind Ganondorf" instead of "Galbatorix". . . Was that on purpose, or just simple Eragon/Zelda mixup? (I love Zelda, too, so I probably might have written the same thing XD )
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Galbatorix says Ganondorf because he's playing Twilight Princess. He whacks Murtagh in the face.
xMJJMoonwalker's avatar
Okay I get it now ^^ Hehe. That's funny.
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What? Eragon fan fiction not good?

I suggest you read mine: [link]

I'm actually a fantastic writer :) it's about Elva, but I can guarantee she'll be a thorn in Eragon's side, if not an outright vilain/
ElizaLento's avatar
If you're on fanfiction, then you know the load of crap that's on there. Not everything is, but the good ones are few and far between. I also consider mine pretty good and a fantastic writer myself.

Although, sorry, I wouldn't read yours. I don't like Elva that much, so I generally wouldn't read an fanfiction about her, good or bad. Also, you're on IF right? I saw your fic there. Mine's "A Moment in Eternity".
Obversa's avatar
Yeah, I'm on IF...

Oh well, thanks anyways :)
ElizaLento's avatar
Ah, I usually don't see other IF members on here is all. Just recognized your title from my venture to the writing section.
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agreed. the fan fic needs an overhaul. what happened to eragon?
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I am jealous of Arya(ask me why).... :angered:
Every single thing you said in this matches my feelings perfectly, haha. Nasuada and Elva are the most annoying characters ever. End of story.

Plus, I didn't read Inheritance for the longest time 'cause I was too busy reading the Son of Neptune and playing Skyward Sword...

Link and Percy (Maybe Jason, too, he's alright) need to join Eragon and open a can of whoop-ass on Galbatorix. The Master Sword, Riptide, and Brisingr all joined together? He's screwed.
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