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fantastic portrait well done.
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did you paint this from scratch?
BackyardBirder's avatar
She is beautiful! Amazing work!
Arci-zhadoow's avatar
...... WOW...... This is amazing
feuseleva's avatar
This is such a ravishing piece of art. i really love the way the light reflects off her face it really makes a difference
Pexturre's avatar
Thanks.  Great detail.
jeffroell8's avatar
Is this a self-poratrait?
Adamantiel's avatar
Wow, I didn't know you were such a good artist! This looks so smooth, and who cares about the holidays! =P
Real-Neil's avatar
Beautiful work. Stunning. 
TeteDOeuf17's avatar
Really good work there, you should be proud of yourself
lsbtrindade's avatar
Wow. Amazing level of detail: the blur at her back against the background, the hair, flowers. Colors and light/shadows seems so natural. At first sight, I thought it was a photo. Congratulations, your art is amazing. :D
chickaxiong's avatar
WOW. I thought this was a photograph, until I read the category. Beautiful work!
BenAJonesArt's avatar
wow. this is beautiful.. The flowers look so real!
CheerioBagel's avatar
omg this was so realistic I accidentally added it to my photography folder. Anyways you did a fantastic job
jimwinburn's avatar
Stunningly beautiful!
Proxy-Soul's avatar
At first glance I thought this was a photograph.  I'm absolutely blown away!
Very beautiful, I love the details.
Beowulf71's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous.  Great work!
renuard's avatar
Your work is so beautiful, awesome. Love 
TucoShoppe's avatar
great work...Love the old school 'pin-up' stuff too.
twKershaw's avatar
In one word: LEGENDARY 10/10
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