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So I have returned from the first table I've ever had at a Con, MegaCon to be exact.

I must say it was a learning experience.  I've realized there are some things I need to work on and improve, both at future cons and in my work.  My sales at the con weren't great, but I was hardly alone in the experience.  Quite a few artists in Artists Alley commented on how they sold far less this year than last.  I don't think the Daytona 500 playing out so close helped much, either.

But on the the great part - I met Lindsay Archer and her Art Pimp Richard and we had a ton of fun together, along with their friends Nancy and Christy and my friend Elvin.  Hanging out with them was awesome.  It was great meeting someone whose tastes in art and entertainment and life in general are so similar to my own.  And Lindsay's comments on how I should improve my work will be most helpful.  If by some odd chance you haven't seen her work, you must do so immediately .

Well, back to the drawing board to prepare for the next Con - wish me luck!
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Hello all!

Well, after letting my DA account be idle for a couple of months, I have submitted ten images.  I must admit, I'm a little nervous and excited as to how they'll be received. I will be away from the computer for a little while at the holidays, as I'll be visiting family.  Most grandmothers are not computer equipped and mine are no exception.  But I will be bringing images to work on and I intend to take reference photos of both the botanical gardens and my adorable cousin who is in her early twenties.  So if you don't hear from me right away, please don't take any offense.

By the way, you may notice my pics have on them, and yet there is no real site there yet.  I am currently working on that.  Updates to come!