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eLIXIR 2011
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Published: January 14, 2011
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:bulletblue: Elixira Cediro :bulletblue:

Name: Elixira Cediro, but she shortens it to Elixir
Date of Birth: October 4th
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Friends/Sidekick: Perkins, her beloved resurrected pumpkin buddy. Pf.
Elixir’s story

-Birth to 6 years.
    Elixir was born into a wealthy family. She grew up in a high class surrounded by high class families. To the point- Her parents would regularly host annual events for the community and enjoyed serving others. Elixir on the other hand, detested all the festivities and longed to break away from the constant merriment. Of course, she received all the love any single child would dream of from both parents. But once it came to another party, her parents expected her to be as good a host as they were.

    At the age of 6, Elixir snapped during one of her parents’ bash. She had enough of the snobby children and oblivious adults. She ran from her playroom and began to cause a riot all over her floor. No one payed any mind to what Elixir was doing, except for the children. As she drew near the stairs, she called out to her parents. No response since they were engulfed in their festivity. Pushed to the edge, Elixir eyed the handrail and how high the end of it was from the ground. She set herself a top of it and slid down.

    Elixir ended up hospitalized for a month. She had fractured her neck and harmed her spine. This would be a very severe moment for any child. But, when being surrounded by adoring ‘get-well’ gifts from people you detest, it seems like the last of your troubles. On the last night of her stay in the hospital, Elixir received one last present. A box wrapped in orange paper, moderately small and light, with no name on it but her own. She pondered; it didn’t seem like anything her parents would’ve given her. Opening it, she found a long blue scarf inside. Elixir grew a liking to it, it covered her scar and wrapped snugly around her fragile neck.

    About to sleep in the hospital bed for the last time, a glow started to emit from her room. Sitting up and glancing around, the excessive brightness was coming from her scarf. Detangling it from her hands, She rose from her bed and started towards the door. About to cry out for help the scarf coiled around her neck, tightening as she spoke. Surrendering on the bed, Elixir became hopeless and silenced herself. Abruptly, the scarf began to loosen and ceased its glow. Bewildered, she kept budging on the scarf, but with no luck. Elixir gave in and allowed the scarf to keep on intertwining. From then on, all she remembered seeing were her legs hovering above her bed.

    Opening her eyes, she found herself in a dark gray room, surrounded by five objects on pedestals. Among these five objects were a doll, a book, a pillow, a necklace and in a corner a.....little pumpkin.

Elixir's old life ends here.

    Running from one side to the next, Elixir examined each object. She ended up near the pumpkin’s pedestal. All the other objects are things she has had before at home. A pumpkin! She wondered- the only ‘living’ thing in this room. Curiously, she picks the small thing and heads towards where she entered. The scarf’s tips slowly slithered around her hands and once again began to glow an awry green; as did the pumpkin. The dark room then lit up in an orange glow. Startled, Elixir grabbed the pumpkin tightly and held it close to her.

(I decided to make the character bios in 3 parts for Elixir and Perkins. First is Elixir's because she is the main focus in their concept. The next part will be when they ACTUALLY have their first encounter/conversation. That one will further explain Perkins' purpose, abilities and their connection (as well as relationship). This drawing of Elixir shows her current self- but this story and ALL explains HER life. It would be REALLY complicated and so much to take in if I explained how they meet.)

:bulletblue: Personality
Elixir- can't specifically be labeled as a 'bad guy'. She was miserable and distant in her past life. But with Perkins, she’s happier and open to things. She tends to be judgmental when it comes to meeting new people. She can be a ‘two-face’ sometimes, in which she can put of her ‘innocent’ face but secretly be planning something. Elixir likes dark things and prefers the nighttime. She wouldn’t mind spending time in a cemetery or lurking around alleys plotting a scare. She’s a happy but dark character. She is MOST sympathetic with Perkins. She doesn’t care much for anything else but her time with Perkins.

:bulletblue: Interests
-Frilly Things~ Bows, Dresses and such. Elixir's a real 'girly' inside, she just has a good way of not making it obvious.
-Traveling around
-Blue Things! Water, Sky, anything bluuuuuue~

more things I've yet to remember fjefje.

:bulletblue: Likes

-Scaring People.
-Exploring. Since she was cooped up in her high life, she never really had any contact with any other people.
- The color Blue c:
-She loves to eat any dish. She isn't picky. Especially when you move around from place to place.

-Yeah, She likes cake.


-Her old life in general. She hasn’t spoken a word about it to anyone, not even Perkins.
-The ground. Which is why she floats! Besides being anybody’s dream, she doesn’t like the ground.
- TALKING. She uses arm/hand motions to get her thoughts across. She only talks to Perkins. RARELY to other people. And no her accident had nothing to do with her non ‘talk-i-ness’ (/shot)

:bulletblue:What are her powers?
Elixir can:
- Make objects come to life
- Float. ‘Float’ because she can’t like, fly to the stars forever.
- Make blue glowy things.

:bulletblue:How can she do all these things?
Her scarf. It is a magical scarf that was given to her when she received Perkins. This scarf is attached to her for good until she is able to be on her own. The scarf can change lengths and has a mind of its own. When Elixir is too separated from Perkins, it pulls on Elixir towards his location. Think of it as a leash. Oohoho, indeed. She cannot take it off because then Perkins would legit ‘die’, her powers will be drained and her scar will be visible.

This scarf also gives Perkins a ‘ghostly body’. It isn’t necessarily ‘ectoplasm’ or whatever else ghost are made of. The closer the two are, the more power Perkins gets.

This scarf does the mental healing. It gave Elixir the powers that would make her happy once she starts her life all over again. With floating, she wouldn’t have to take another step on the ground. With making things come to life, she would never be alone again and has the power to choose who she wants to befriend.

:bulletblue:What’s that green thing on her head?
As my cousin called it, it is a ‘fashionable cast’. This green orb, really, was placed on her when she received Perkins. It pretty much keeps Elixir together. Elixir’s accident caused her neck and spine to suffer major damage. It straightens Elixir out and speeds up her healing. Along with healing emotionally and mentality, these additions help Elixir heal physically. She can’t take it off, for it is connected to her. Once she no longer needs Perkins, then it will just wither away.

:bulletblue: Where did she live before and where does she live now?
I don't have a specific name or idea of where she might've lived or come from. Elixir doesn't have a definite ethnicity. She looks Hispanic but isn't, I know that much.

She is a drifter, along with Perkins. They usually crash anywhere, preferably secluded places. Anyplace near a town to get necessities but not often visited. They make the visiting.

:bulletblue: Theme Songs
Songs that connect to her story before and with Perkins:

-Supernatural- Flyleaf

-Sorrow- Flyleaf

-Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again/Wandering Child - PoTo

-Hello- Dirty Little Rabbits

:bulletblue: Voice
Even though she barely talks- It'd SO be Stella Katsoudas. Singer for Dirty Little Rabbits. Even the first time I ever heard this song- I swear it's perfect for Elixir.




Past refs:

-2008 ref

-2008 ref 2

-2009 ref
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Nayhed|Student General Artist
this pose is adorable. :)
I think i'd really like Elixir :D
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C-bear1999|Hobbyist Artist
do you mind that I am favoriteing this?
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I love this story and this character. Do you do requests?
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I can't say how much I enjoy looking at your Elixir artwork. I especially like how you've developed her backstory and who she is. What really tickles me is that: that little green thing doubles as a hat and something protective, and that she rarely talks. The concept of her being open to new experiences with Perkins compared to her past life is actually a concept you don't see too often, and I'm glad that you've decided to draw upon that. :nod: And I envy her fashion sense; I so wish I had a getup like hers.

Overall, I'm happy to see a new update with her, and hopefully there'll be more in the future. ;)
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I love her story, so beautifully written :nod: and I her look is so cool!
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SolarCarol|Student Filmographer
Oh my gosh hope you do Perkins one real soon!
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SolarCarol|Student Filmographer
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Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again/Wandering Child - PoTo is an amazing song!
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It really is : )
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Atomic-Bubblegum|Hobbyist Photographer
How do you get the cut out of it? Like no white back ground? O.O *n00b*

Awesome picture, great description and I would totally steal her clothes.
Reply  ·  
elixirXsczjX13's avatar
lol thanks~ : ) Her clothes! Hot Topic has them :v I'm serious XD I own it fff It was based off an outfit I have

And for the background- draw your picture and just color the background the same color as the dA page. The same color of the area where your drawing appears.
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Atomic-Bubblegum|Hobbyist Photographer
Oh god, It would be so awesome if I could find her clothes at my Hot Topic. You're lucky you have them XD

That's actually a very simple solution, I was making it so much harder. XD
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whoa. so much DEPTH to this character. you should be proud!
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Anime-Guru1217|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
niiiice! C8
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happyhappyjoyjoy2-0|Hobbyist General Artist
Okay. Mm-yes. I have a question about....pffffft....PERKINS! Yes Perkins. If he's a soul inside of a pumpkin, then...how did he die? Does the pumpkin he live inside of ever rot? How would he return human again? Human like you have been drawing him lately. HE'S A WONDERFUL CHARACTER-DON'T GET ME WRONG...I just neeeeeeeeed to knoooooooooow.

Okay...those are more like several questions, but YEAH. I love your drawings. :giggle:
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wow this is so in depth, I love how much thought you put into your charicters!
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Gosh, I didn't see that coming.
I expected her to be more of a "bubbly"-type o' girl judging by what mood and poses you draw her in and then she comes of being so... so much like some of MY charectures! ....

Inner Voice: The word you're searching for is "dark"!
Me: Shush, you!

Anyway, you never answered my question: Can I do FanArt of your charectures?
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deviantheartless's avatar
Coooooooollllzzz! So when you say "old life" you mean the life she had up until the age of six?
Reply  ·  
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Woah. DUDE.
That's deep
Reply  ·  
elixirXsczjX13's avatar
XD yah!~ lol The only character of mine with a deep story pff :heart:
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J-Anne-Bonne|Student General Artist
Amazing! Simply amazing! Not only a great ref, but an amazing backstory on this fantastic original character! :D
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squirrelmunkette1114|Student Traditional Artist
wow youve improved alot!
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