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Recommend by ~raydalmonster Hope this helps!! :heart:

keep in mind we all have different ways of drawing and here, I'm just giving a general idea on how I do it. I took a life drawing class and it was major helpful! Try to find one yourself. It's like the root of it all~ Hope this tutorial is clear and makes sense. You can either try it out yourself by looking at the pose/face/hand and draw it! -OR- trace it..? I dunno..what ever works for you xD;;

If the top of the head looks off, it's because I don't draw it at all. Instead I automatically draw the hair right on; same goes with the body. Also, bodies vary; it's up to you if you'd like to use this as a base and add on some features on your own.

I'll make more of these and get more specific with each one! :aww:

feedback would be nice please!! 8D~
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thank you so much im working on a series and i was trying to find out a style and this is perfect thank you!!!!
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Out of all the gobs of tutorials out there, I found this to be very helpful. I hope to crank out a few more of these at some point:… .
this helped me soooo much
beautiful.. thnx..
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i like this this was a lot of help to me! Clap +fav 
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Your style are cool to helping other peoples.
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Awesome ^^ Your style's cool
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Love this style of drawing a lot.
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is it alright if i print this. to have on me incase i dont have internet w/ me?
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i draw the hair along with the head too =3= but this is very helpful~ thank you
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this is awesome! and very helpfull too :meow:
your style is so cool :nuu:
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This is very helpful! Thnx
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BTW I added u as a fav!
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She has a new account :iconelixirmy:
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awesome tutorial!
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I love this! I love your style and this explains everything very clearly. :D
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i think this can improve my drawing skills much more.
you are one of the best artist i have ever met and i love the way you create and draw your characters.

ps. i cant create my own drawing skills so i secretly envy you in heart
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I found this extremely helpful. I FINALLY get it now! xD
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Fantastic Idea ;) I really love your Styles drawings Samy :iconheeplz:
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