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Published: January 20, 2011
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It was finals week

and this is what I've been doing in class :iconimsrspervplz:

I can't stop drawing Benson.
I CANNOT stop drawing him djfjejf He's SO MUCH FUN to draw- WOW! His expressions and just bendy limbs are amazing! fffffffff

- My original pic of the 'takingabreak' pic. I was just too lazy to scan and wanted to do color it traditionally XD

- BENS FUN! UM WOW- too much fun ;_; Also the love Face- it needs to happen.

- Pops had a nightmare. Mord and Rig thar.

:iconcardplz: 'tis true.
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Pops had a nightmare AAW Bad show!
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hunlin|Student Filmographer
And I love Mordecai and Rigby's expressions.
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hunlin|Student Filmographer
i love these. I love Benson, he's so sassy.
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Nami14|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Benny is just wonderful. He needs more love!
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LC85|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love your style, the way you draw Benson and Pops is so freakin' cute :love:. Actually the way you draw EVERYONE in the Regular Crew is still freakin' cute, but especially Benson and Pops. The way you draw him as a human is one of my favorites, he looks realistic and still cute :giggle:.

Forget CANNOT stop, DO NOT stop!!! You must continue to draw Benson! YOU MUST! :excited: (Pops quote with equal excitement)

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nutmegmeg|Hobbyist General Artist
Looking at your Regular Show fanart makes me want to draw Regular Show fanart. But I'd probably screw it up. When I would draw it, I'd be thinking of your drawings, though... "That happens to me sometimes..."
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OHMAIGAWSH. Dat es dah awsumest drawings of Benson I've EVR seen! =O
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Keiichi-Fuqua|Hobbyist General Artist
Aw! I Like It When Rigby Say.. " Wait- What Pairing Does She Support?!
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May I offer a critique? I love the way you draw Benson-you smoke me hands down. But his nose isn't an equilateral triangle.
Its---> [link] the third one, mostly. c: I just notice that sometimes you draw it equilateral, and sometimes you draw it scalene. Just trying to help ^^;
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epic win!!!! :D

BensonxPops is awesome.
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PhobicAlbino|Hobbyist General Artist
this can only b described as.... wait for it..... AMAZINGFULLY FANTASTIC!!!!!
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YAYiluvdeviantart|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this is FREAKIN GREAT!!!!!!
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Kaii-san|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes. The love face did need to happen.
Poor Pops. I hope he gets over his nightmare!
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Elizabeth900|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha Benson's face's. :lol:
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joegirl404|Hobbyist Digital Artist
X3 You know who else like yaoi?
O-O I wonder if that weird...
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Benson: (see me)
Benson: <3!
Me: Hi Benny!<3
Benson: Hi!<3

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LadyKotohime|Hobbyist General Artist
I love Benson too. :love:

But...WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP PAIRING HIM WITH POPS?! :rage: Just for once, can't I see a Mordecai/Benson pic?! :cries:
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How long it will take until Regular Show arrives Brazil?! D=

BTW, awesome paintin'.
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I have no idea why, but Benson's boots in the first picture are my favourite part!
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i love you....SOOOO MUCH!
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I love Mordecai and Rigby's reactions to this! XD
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emifail|Hobbyist Digital Artist
GOD I LOVE HOW YOU DRAW BENSON he's so godamn expressive akjshfkjahj never stop
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Benson's boots and Pops' coat!! X3

Man, loving your expressions so much.
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