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Published: February 23, 2011
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I wanted to test myself how fast I can draw a series of SBs BUT THIS NOW HAS PURPOSE!~ Pre-date feelings and mood swings SB goes through before his date kekeke. This leads on to my comic- might do Sandy's side but it wouldn't be as /OHMAIGOSH/. "Love That Squid" TOTALLY helped me out in developing Pg.3 , it just solidified and verified some ideas I had 8'D! I am going to continue this, it's too much fun!

It's fun to see Spongebob go from down in the dumps to legit optimism in a flash. : I Also~ wow, it was hard to make bubbles and write XD; But now my tablet writing got 548375437547385743872543x better~! Lookit that last huge text 8'I I AM PROUD


:iconwthplz: There- fan art will go straight to my dev. folders

:iconcardplz: rantrantrantrant <3

You guys, I am on a rampage and personally it is a good thing! I am PRACTICING for when I get to original. Makes sense? I find it easier and quicker to do fan art than original. I'm exploring an already developed character- definitely testing my fan knowledge but you have no idea how many comic ideas I have for not only established characters- but for my own as well! I've noticed I've stopped sketching JUST illustrations. I am either making these (a series of movements for one character) or storyboards. Now a days, I draw at least 3 pages on my sketchbook with one idea. Let me draw whatever I want to draw, okay? I have to say this and I'm sorry if I sound like a jerk but it's getting to me. I don't want to draw crappy originality when my mind is SET on Spongebob right now. Want me to get deep? I noticed I've always admired artists who did fan art in their own way. When I first joined that was my goal- to draw fan art and nailing the styles. Only later ON did I get involved with originality. If I'm getting popular JUST 'CAUSE of fan art, I HONESTLY DON'T CARE. With more fans- once I put original, WORD SPREADS!

And I am not pointing fingers. I really appreciate those who do enjoy seeing my original work! Thank you for being interested! I'll get to it xD Let me take this at my own pace : )

Also comments- please. please. PLEASE. I'd disable them. I had to get a tumblr to put my fan art up and not get really stupid comments. I won't even start. I tolerated it all, I was polite and nice to a point- but I am losing it when I REALLY DON'T WANT TO. I love this place, I love my friends and fans, I love to keep drawing and posting. But when you have unnecessary comments about a character you love and ARE AWKWARD TO REPLY TO, it's just no. Not everybody is going to agree with you, okay? Obviously, don't be smart and bad-mouth a FAN ART on a character you hate. It's a waste of time and you're not proving anything.
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EPICSanchez010630Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Neato Burrito
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Max: Spongebob is doing the doodles.
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This is so true for Spongbob aha! I loved the comic, I could hear Tom Kenny's voice the whole time
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supermariospongebobHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this! Even though it doesn't want to, Nickelodeon could totally make an episode about this and it would be the best episode ever. Even better than "Help Wanted" That's right, I f**kin' said it. Even better than the FIRST SpongeBob episode. But Nickelodeon thinks that if SpongeBob confessed his feelings for Sandy, the show might be less funny. Well, Paul Tibbit already accomplished making it UNfunny, so they should find a different excuse for holding back Spandy. Or make the damn episode. If funniness is what they're worried about, the executive people at Nickelodeon should see this deviation. It will blow their minds! Thank you for supporting Spandy, Samy! Check my deviantions for an upcoming Spandy pic that I hand drew. Plz comment! It would mean a lot! Byeee!
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TashaelaGrayLovesArtHobbyist Writer
I totally love this! If this were an actual episode...I think I'd be in Heaven.
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supermariospongebobHobbyist Digital Artist
To SirenaBelleza: I can too! They should make the episode!
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kayanne21Hobbyist General Artist
Now that's how you psych yourself up for a date 
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BluPensHobbyist General Artist
Don't worry, SpongeBob! You got the charm!
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SirenaBellezaStudent Artist
I could actually picture him saying that in an episode
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NatariSaruHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is really neat, I've always felt bad for SpongeBob when he has to take a girl out or attend any formal event. I can't believe people gave you so much hate in the past over drawing more fanart and SB fanart at that. I myself draw both for the same reasons you do, and it's really terrible of people to get mad at you over that.
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SydneyitsSydneyYoHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha xDD
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Rae-Bae Digital Artist
OMG DAT SUIT!! :faint::heart:
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TheTrueJulietCapuletHobbyist General Artist
Dang, SB looks sharp pretty in that last frame... ;)
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ReinaReinaReina3Student Traditional Artist
Spongy!!!!!! :iconomgsocuteplz: I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!!! :heart: :iconloveloveplz:
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i love your pic :D
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GottaGoBlastStudent General Artist
I hear his voice while reading this :O_o:
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Come on SpongeBob you can do it! And the art is great.
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hehe thats adorable :3
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VirusReloadedStudent Filmographer
Freaking Incredible!
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MIPA16Student Digital Artist
o my dear is so cute
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stargurrenHobbyist Digital Artist
omg how did u get the text like that?????I see that alot is it part of sai pen tool that adds the curves in the writing or do u normally write like that?? i love it!!
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CatnipPacketProfessional Filmographer
Oh man, this is so nice. You draw him even better than the cartoon!
Did I mention this is cute? :iconilavplz:
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