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BeforeandAfter Meme

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Published: February 23, 2011
© 2011 - 2019 elixirXsczjX13
Sketch to Sketch:

woooooooooow XD I re-found my folder with nearly all the drawings I never threw out before. I did throw a lot out late last year but I saved a few- LIKE THAT ONE! That was my first humanization ever, back in 6-7th grade.


- The style- I read my "How to Manga" books like a bible. Them eyes and HAIRSTYLE. PATRICK'S HAIR, WUT.

- Poses- I see them very stiff. Even what is supposed to be a relaxed pose for Pat looks stiff.

- HAAAAANDS. I really improved in hands wow XD I remember making Bob's KK hat a legit cap 'cause I didn't know how to position the hands fjejfejf.

- VARIETY. Not much going on in their bodies.

- Total b'aw-ness XD

-everything changed.

Progressss!~ Over a span of 5 years! SO YOU GUYS! ANYONE CAN IMPROVE! It just takes time and practice, seriously :heart:

But those are my recent SBhumanzzz and I'm having too much fun with them in my sketchbook : < This sketchbook- should never see the light of day. sjjdejfje

:star: Original/Blank -> [link]
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flamingbeast999Hobbyist General Artist
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PhanderrStudent Digital Artist

Sorry, I got excited xd
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Im333FabulousStudent General Artist
Dude Patrick is hawt XD
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x-CrystalGalaxy-xHobbyist Artist
no thank you, i’d rather die than copy paste that 10 frickin times
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GalaxyCartoonsHobbyist Digital Artist
This is the next humanised Spongebob I have ever seen!~ really :D ^^
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GalaxyCartoonsHobbyist Digital Artist
*Best xD
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Loving Patrick here, Spongebob looks kind of like he should be in Stormalong. You really have improved! now TELL ME HOW YOU DRAW HANDS
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RainbowSwag1Student Digital Artist
like it, i love your style bro
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jinjyrsnapHobbyist Digital Artist
i love how you draw patrick...
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SydneyitsSydneyYoHobbyist Digital Artist
That's adorable!!!!
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DazedDaisiesO-oHobbyist Traditional Artist
Excellent :D
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Absolutely LOVE Sandy! Perfect!
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TomasMedHobbyist General Artist
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I liked the original better
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AHH!! SO CUTE! I <3 how Bob turned out. So... AH! :D
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ElizabethTaylorSwiftStudent Traditional Artist
lol I just realized this was the Spongebob gang! In human form!
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XBloodyNightmaresXStudent General Artist
pfhfhfph Patrick! xD
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GabbyIsEvilHobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconomgcryplz: this is so good!
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ChoIno5 Traditional Artist
uh.. in 2006 Patrick's hair looked like a penis.
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iheartsonicHobbyist Traditional Artist
O_O scary... just kidding! Haha good improvement!
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fluffy-puffy-fifiHobbyist General Artist
omg huge improvement i see there!! awesome :D:D:D
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Miss-YumikoHobbyist General Artist
I love this xD, now for some reason I want there to be a spongebob cartoon with people now, probably because I like spongebob and sandy together xD
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CartoonfanKatieM General Artist
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