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Pose and Gestures Suggestions

I was asked on tumblr on posing and gestures for characters! Posted it there and well it's about time to update my last tutorial/reference and here are some of my suggestions! Like I said on tumblr, please springboard from this. By no means should you follow this EXACT, totally practice it if you'd like. I made it pretty general because I work off from this. I change the line quality, style,etc. along the way. If you use a pose in particular just credit please? 

That's about it, it's no problem for me if you use this because duh! I really hope it helps! There are some typos and mistakes because I made this in no less than an hour and pretty fast. If any questions, let me know!
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Pardon me, is there the full pic of this? I can't clearly see the text
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This really helped me out, thanks dude ;3
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Really helpful! Thanks friendo! :)
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I've been looking everywhere for this kind of "cartoon body" tutorial-
I'm so glad I found this! It'll help me a lot, thank you!! I'm gonna try practicing poses a lot more no matter how ugly or pretty they'll look :'>
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This is great! Thank you~ ^^
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Dude arms being different lengths makes
it look unnatural
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forced perspective and angles do that 

youd be surprised how unnatural a natural position looks when you draw it 
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thanks for your inspiring suggestions :3
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Thank you.  Reference materials like those are valuable for beginners like me. Be Wall.
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Thank you for making this,It's really helpful! I need to work on poses ^^;
Actually, do have any other tips for drawing poses with two people? I've been struggling a lot with that.
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I don't recall if I had posted it here but I had some references on drawing two people interacting. But I will definitely shoot for making a new one and address that!

What I always find that helps is to (easy on digital but having some trace/transparent paper for traditional) draw the two characters individually. Instead of looking at it a whole (I get lost in limbs!) draw them individually and then put them together! Taking it one step at a time can ultimately make this BIG (drawing and finishing two chars. is a lot!) drawing much easier. Once together you can make finishing adjustments to bring it home.

We always had one model and our instructor will tell us to draw all the poses they do as different people on the same plane. Same technique! Hope it helps but I do plan to make a new reference/tutorial. I appreciate the suggestion!
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Yeah,that might be helpful!

Unfortunately I use traditional but I'll try doing that at some point. I've tried digital and it just doesn't work for me. By the way,how many sketches do you generally do to get a good pose for one picture? I'm just curious cause I tend to do a lot of sketches before I draw the actual thing. .__.

Thank you for taking the time to help me out! You rock!:happybounce:
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thanks so much! hope it helps! :thumbsup:
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are you going to do hands at some point? i found some tutorials on your old account but now i cant find them ;^;
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Great work ! It will be a great help !
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Is that... Madoka Magica in the corner...? :3 This is going to be ridiculously helpful for me. I can tell that you're really good at what you do :)
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thank you 8) and yes it is!
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This really helps, thanks. 
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