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Expressions PT.2

Something I did over on tumblr! Figured I should post a new one, the others ones are oold ohmygosh haha hope it helps! if any questions, I'll be answer as best as I can!
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The angrier one is benson
kayandjaycreate's avatar
This is fantastically helpful. :love:
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very useful, thank you.
HerosLegend's avatar
Thank you for sharing this.
thebordomseries's avatar
This is really helpful.
Wait0wat's avatar
this helps greatly!
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Amazing work, I loved your job. Thank you!
trust58's avatar
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I love this cartoony style
ScienceHerWay's avatar
Very cool tutorial. Thanks for sharing :D!
MoonGoneDark's avatar
Sorry if it looks like I faved this a shit load of times; my +Fave thing malfunctioned! :cries:

Nice tutorial! :nod:
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next can you do hands?
IAmTheMangoFactory's avatar
can i use the expressions
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It's a tutorial, of course you can xD expressions aren't copyrighted, you just can't take THESE and use them because these drawings are hers/his.
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oh okay thank u very much just thought i would ask! thank u very much again!
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your welcome~ there's a lot of line art out there that you can colour and stuff, but a majority are tutorials and references. I'm happy I could help n.n
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When I get my new laptop booted up, I'll try it out! Thanks for posting this tutorial!
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I love this! This is exactly how my cartoons look like in my head (that probably sounded weird but whatever).

So I hope you don't mind if I base my style off of yours, 'cause I'm in a bit of a rut right now:/
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Whenever I try to draw someone crying, they end up looking constipated... ._.
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maybe some slumped shoulders or have the character look like their curled up in a ball. Just some kind of body language, additional body language would help out no matter the expression.
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Do you have any tips for drawing the actual heads, and how to put the facial features on them? Whenever I try to do 3/4 and profile views the always end up wonky :\
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I start out with circle and then add in guidelines (basically a plus "+" in a circle in the direction the character is facing) So with those guidelines, I base it for eyes, mouth, nose etc. It'll work with enough practice, the plus can go anywhere on the circle and it will guide you in placing features. 
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This was uber helpful ^^ Thanks so much!!
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