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Rose's Song

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This is for an amazing friend I am glad to know! She has always helped me when I have needed it and now I thought I should help her. Her dog was hit by car and she is tring to get money from doing commisions. So you guys should go check her out. ANYWHO. I have been wanting to do her gorgeous character, Rose for a while now...and finally decided to do it for
:la: And let me tell you she was a BLAST to do! Like the most fun I have had on ever xD She is one stunning horse. I hope I did her justice, aquaslullaby. And I hope you love it :heart:
That mane shape though :faint:

Behind The Scenes:

For: Angel c:
Time Took: 7+ hours or around there
Layers: 29
Tools: Gimp 2.6, Laptop,Wireless Mouse


Ref sheet/character:aquaslullaby
All else by me :bow:

This is © to Ladybug-Studios 2014. This is for aquaslullaby use only. You are not aloud to upload it as your own. Please respect the copyright symbol because if you DO use this without my written permission  there are consequences

I know the lighting is a bit off. If anyone has anyother tips to help me please feel free to comment c: 
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