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I can haz blood?

Today, I learnt cute.

This is my new OC, Nathan, a young Vampire who's just been turned. Clumsy yet a bit of a player, he can 'seduce' (lolidon'teven) his victims and ambush them when they least expect it. Happy as he may seem now, he still has a very long way of agonizing transformation ahead of him, followed by the undying need to steal other people's blood when they are not paying attention. Gradually, his skin will even further lose its colour as well as his irises, and he will grow sharper fangs to do the job.

Heh, I might write a little more about Livian Vampires one day. They're a lot like the vampires of old fantasy, but they also have a lot of different traits and stuff.

Omg he fell poor boy you ok?
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Is hij toevallig homo? ^^
ElithianFox's avatar
Toevallig wel ^^;
Ik zweer da ik ook veel heteros heb, ge pikt er toevallig altijd de niet-heteros uit :XD:
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He looks like he could really brutally kill someone and no one would ever suspect it was him.
Not even the dead person.
ElithianFox's avatar
You perfectly described him just now.
mayumayu13's avatar
I see these things in people.
ElithianFox's avatar
You have a special talent
Ogrefairy's avatar
Love the character design!
Siriah's avatar
His neck is a bit off-center and I'm a bit worried about how his horns attach, they feel off-balance somehow. The eyes are wonderful, though. Very vibrant.
YoshizawaArt's avatar
Great work. I like the character design. ^_^
ElithianFox's avatar
Thank you! What do you like about it? c:
UltraLiThematic's avatar
He really looks innocent and harmless. Is that his way of seducing victims?
ElithianFox's avatar
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It is a very effective plan. No doubt. :nod:
ElithianFox's avatar
But then the question is whether that face is in any form at least a little bit genuine, or if it's all for the illusion of things :XD:
UltraLiThematic's avatar
I guess we will never know.
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