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:iconeliteunicorns:EliteUnicorns posted a status
Nothing like having two dreams about death. The second one was had dreams within dreams...I even mentioned the first dream I had in that dream. also in that dream I knew someone was gonna die just I didn't tell anyone...I was so scared.

The first one...someone died and I was devastated.

In the second one I have a dream (dream within a dream) about someone dying. I wake up and I'm in that person's house with a few other people. These two sketchy dudes come in and take one person outside of the room and kill them....everyone else manages to get hurt...but me. I got outside and it's weird and strange....some how I end up in a car talking about the the dream within a dream and the dream I had earlier this morning (and not the dream within a dream) I might have had like three dreams within one....a dream within a dream within a dream....

I'm sad and confused.

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