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:iconeliteunicorns:EliteUnicorns posted a status

Lmao I didn't even see the original video,super glad I didn't...I didn't even know who these two were until I saw a different Game Theory..this shows you how much I live under a rock.
I think these two and any of their friends are absolutely stupid. I hate them...I refuse to watch a single video from them. I feel bad for their family...I'd hate to be related to these two. 
People look up to these two...why? They're stupid...

I think that YouTube is fucked up. Oh man.
I love MatPat...I'd prefer people to look up to him and his wife Stephanie. They're both great people and anybody else on that channel is great(even the people behind the scenes are super cool too.) Like yeah I know they make strange theories and they "ruin" your favorite game(s) but they're just games....they're not ruining the entire YouTube website. I think you should check out's really good. You get to know Mat and Steph so much better than through the theories. I've watched a lot of GTlive and every so often someone will ask a question and they'll give advice...I've used some of their advice so far, I'm super glad GTLive exists.

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EliteUnicorns Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
If anyone else did this they'd be shunned to non existence. 
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