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:iconeliteunicorns:EliteUnicorns posted a status
~I'm so ready for 2017 to be done. I want Christmas to be here so I can get Ultra Moon already. I want another Primarina (I can get one at anytime but you know what I mean.)
I was gonna post this as a journal but I don't want this to cover up my contest.
~Let's reflect on this year..I dare you to do the same! Warning contains've been warned.

2017 was a pretty shitty year for least that's how it started. I struggled a bit but that's life. This was the year where a bunch of firsts or important events happened.
~First breakup (Ugh great way to start a year, I just wanna forget it happened already..slowly but surely I'll get a neutral feeling towards it. I'm kind of glad it happened...odd. I feel like something was gonna happen with that person eventually, so I'm glad it happened sooner rather than later. Idk I feel like if we did continue our differences/similarities would have gotten to us. I think we were too close to date. I don't have someone I can turn to for there's something missing in my life and that just sucks. I'm lonely yo. Whatever, I gotta stop thinking about this whole makes me bitter, can't you tell? Idk I just didn't expect my first breakup to be that difficult, like I know the first one's difficult because it's the first one but not that much, like wtf.)
~First time losing a friend that wasn't because of moving or other reasons/First time I've said "I'm done with you" to someone (I'm rarely that level of nasty...but boi)
~First house (not mine,parents', but it's the first house I've lived in)
~I graduated high school (Finally high school drama is gone!)
~Got my first drawing tablet (I love it so much. It's a Wacom Intuos.)
~First livestream that I've run (it was shitty but oh well)
~First artfight
~I won a giveaway (Like I never win these things like ever)
~First shiny charm (that was my 2017 resolution...get alola dex shiny it in January. Wasn't like graduate high school or anything important...lmao. I had low hopes for 2017..boi my expectations were exceeded.)
~This year has been where I've drawn more rather than using bases/linearts
~I moved away from MS Paint (MS Paint to Firealpaca to Medibang)
~~Random notes~~ Life's gonna be okay and I'm really thankful for my friends..and that they're here for me. I'm here for them, for whatever it may be.

I hope 2018 is resolution is to learn how to use my tablet and draw with it. 
My minor resolutions are 
Stop being bitter
Suck it up
Enjoy life
Get more shiny pokemon

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