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:iconeliteunicorns:EliteUnicorns posted a status
I feel like crap. I'm so scared about Net Neutrality. Why is this even a thing we have to fight about? Why should we even change it? Just leave it alone. This happened in 2015, I don't remember any of that and it turned out to be fine. 
This whole thing is terrible. It's awful. Just leave it alone. I don't have much of a life right now. I currently use the internet to find a job so I can save money to go to college. 
I use the internet as escape. I use it for so many things. I don't have a phone, well I do...but it doesn't I use the internet to talk to my friends. I just hope to god that it stays. This is seriously fucked up.
The internet is super important to me. I'm never super active about these things but it's something so important so many people.

I'm crying over the damn internet.
I have both Verizon and Comcast....I hate them.
I don't think I'm gonna sleep much...cuz I'm nervous. 
This is super greedy.

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