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MLP Design Customs (OPEN) by EliteUnicorns MLP Design Customs (OPEN) by EliteUnicorns
I am doing MLP customs for only $3 USD.
You can pick from a few add ons (I'll probably add more as I go on)
Unicorn Horn
Pegasus wings
Dragon Horns
Dragon Tail
Leg Warmers (Front legs only but I can add them to the back if you want me to)
One bracelet
Two bracelets
Stud earrings
Dangly earrings with or without a charm (I'll show you what I mean if you ask)

You can ask for other stuff just as long as it's within reason. Please don't ask for a ton of add ons.

A few notes
Please do not sell the designs you can trade them or gift them
Please do not ask for an already existing character to be put on these lines, whether it's yours or not.
I will not make a design based on an already existing character (ex. Pikachu or Sonic), I will however do revamps of your characters
I will only do pony/pony-like pets or whatever can't be add ons
Please don't rush me...If I take way too long (give me more than a few days) then you can ask about the progress.
If you're interested then note me and I'll give you the form to fill out (just a general form like Mane, colors, etc something like that)
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Submitted on
July 7, 2017
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