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Lump/Bean YCH by EliteUnicorns Lump/Bean YCH by EliteUnicorns
I'm gonna post this on :iconfoxfoxfire: as well. 
The two at the top are examples.
I'm doing a YCH with a few slots open....I may or may not open more later on. There will be four more on Foxfoxfire so if you miss them here you can try to go get one there.

1- open. 100 points
2- open. 100 points
3- open. 100 points
4- open. 100 points
This base is meant for: Canines, felines, equines (horses and stuff), Ursidae (bears and stuff), dragons/dragon like things.
About the add ons
I'll be adding more later on
1- the base. Just an oval. This is cannot and will not be changed.
2- a long muzzle. Meant for canines or anything with a long muzzle. It also has the legs..but that's just how I made the base
3- a shorter muzzle. Meant for cats or anything.
4- a pointy muzzle. Meant for foxes.
5- round ears
6- tall ears
7- round ears
8- pointy ears
9- long and round tail
10- long tail
11- floof for long tail
12- point for long tail
13- nine tails
14- two tails
15- one tail
16- the eyes. They're just lines.

Stuff I can do that's not on the base
Horse/Ponyish muzzle
Less than four legs
More than four legs
Unicorn horn
Demon/Dragon/Whatever horns (any size)
Three tails
Bird/angel/feathered wings
Bat/Dragon wings
Dragon muzzle
Spikes/Spines (to a certain extent)
Floppy ears
Half flop ears.
You can ask about other stuff.
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September 7, 2017
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