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!Long Description Read It Carefully! by EliteUnicorns !Long Description Read It Carefully! by EliteUnicorns
✨Headshot Commissions OPEN✨
Slots five

For each lineart style it's the same through out.
Lineart only- 350 Points. Just the lineart on a white background. No you cannot color this in yourself.
Flat color- 750 points. Can come with a transparent/white/or one color background
Shaded- 1500 points. Can come with a transparent/white/one color background/ or maybe some "fancy" background. Depends. Shading is all one color.
Simplicity- 750 points. I love this one! Based on some of my drawtobers. Always black and white with a colored outline. The colored outline will be a color that comes from the character chosen, probably the brightest one (usually not yellow) Ex- FoxFoxFire's character has a bright orange coat. So her character gets an orange lineart. Ex 2- XxHopeTheFoxxX's character has bright blue hair. So her character gets a blue outline.

✨I work best with✨
Canine based species
Feline based species
Equine based species
My Little Pony Characters
Simpler Pokemon characters (the legendaries are usually harder for me)
Ask me about other characters. If it's human/humanoid I have more of a chance of saying no. I'm so bad with them.
I can do pets but I'm gonna need clear pictures and I might ask for more, if possible.

✨✨Terms and Conditions/about✨✨
✨These are headshot commissions only. Maybe more types later on. I want to start out with something simple for now.

✨All commissions must be paid up front. I'll tell you when to pay. No paypal! Maybe later on in life.

✨No detailed backgrounds!

✨I have no due dates. Whenever they get finished they get finished.

✨Don't rush me. I can only work so fast before it turns out badly. If I'm going slow, then it's probably due to something. Life happens.

✨I will send you notes/messages to check up on things and show you how things are going.

✨If you haven't received a note or any progress notes feel free to note/message me. I apologize if I haven't sent any.

✨If for any reason I can't finish your commission for any reason, I'll refund you but that's it. You will not receive a refund any other way.

✨You will receive low quality jpegs until I'm finished. They will have big disgusting watermarks on them.

✨I, the artist, have the right to post it on my social medias. Including Facebook, Discord, ChickenSmoothie, DeviantART, Paigeeworld, Tumblr, Twitch, and YouTube. You cannot repost these images anywhere. If you want to share these please ask me for the link on whatever social media. You can use it as an icon/avatar but credit must be given. You may NOT repost this in your gallery. If you want a complete list of my social medias go here…

✨I may or may not stream the progress on If I do stream this I will let you know and give you a link.

✨If you want anything changed, let me know asap. One week after posting the finished piece you can tell me if you want anything changed, but keep it to a minimum. I'm not redoing the entire piece once it's finished. After that week is over I'm deleting the file and you're stuck with what you get.

✨If you want this before a certain date let me know far in advance so I can finish it on time. I will deny you if I think it's too close.

✨Final version will be watermarked. I will 

✨The character must be your own. I'm not doing stolen characters or characters from cartoons, anime, etc. If you want this to be a gift then tell me. Like for example FoxFoxFire wants a commission of XxHopeTheFoxxX's character to give to her as a gift and FoxFoxFire has told me this.

✨One character per headshot. Unless you have some sort of idea then we could work something out. If we do work something out then each character will be treated as one commission pricing wise. Example FoxFoxFire wants two of her characters drawn booping noses, both shaded. I say sure. Her commission takes up one slot but it costs her 3000 points. If you want 2+ commissions and they aren't the same picture then it takes up 2+ slots.

✨I don't do NSFW or gore!

✨Don't resell the commission you get or any image that isn't yours.

✨I'm super strict about this because I have trust issues. I'm sorry.

✨I will not lower the price for you. If you can't afford it don't buy it. Simple as that

✨Please don't be rude. Please.

✨You must agree to everything on here before sending the points. Read it carefully, slowly. Take your time. If you have any questions just ask me. If you do not agree, I will not do your commission.

✨✨Send me a note about commissions and I'll send you my form for commissions.✨✨


Submitted on
November 7, 2017
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