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Elite/Lillie by EliteUnicorns Elite/Lillie by EliteUnicorns
IDK I kind of wanted a mascot kind of thing so I made her. Hehe..get it...her nickname is Elite and she's a unicorn. *ba dum tiss)
I'm not a huge fan (I'm not really a fan of them, technically) of anthros but I liked this lineart so much that I made an exception.
I love her!

Update: I gave her an alternate look
-Name- Lillie
-Nickname- Elite
-Age- 17
-Gender- Female
-Star Sign- ???
-Birth Date- ???
-Birthplace- ???
-Occupation- None
-Status- Alive
-Species- Unicorn
~In Unicorn form/Anthro~
-General appearance- A light gray unicorn, with a black mane/hair/ and tail, red to yellow gradient horn, black front legs/arms, and stripes on her stomach/torso
-Height- slightly above average unicorn height/5 foot 8 inches
-Weight- average unicorn weight/average
-Hair color- Black with a Reddish pink streak
-Hair length- It's close to her face/snout/whatever/short
-Hairstyle- Asymmetrical bob/short
-Eye color-Yellow
-Fur color-A light looks white
-Inside ear color-Gray
-Hoof color- Black
-Tongue color- Red to yellow gradient
 ~Human form~
-General appearance- A caucasian girl with black, bobbed hair, 
-Height- 5 foot 8 inches
-Weight- average 
-Hair color- Naturally it's black, but she can have colored streaks in it. Usually one and usually the colors of her gradient 
-Hair length- Short/above shoulder length 
-Hair style- Short asymmetrical bob 
-Eye color- Naturally it's green, but she usually enjoys using colored contacts. Normally yellow contacts
-Skin color- caucasian
-Accessories- Illuminati symbol/Eye of Providence necklace, two pink earring studs in each ear
-Powers- Unicorn magic
-Voice- IDK
-Favorite words/favorite phrases-IDK
-Sexuality- Asexual-Panromantic (she leans towards more female/feminine partners, but will date anyone, well sexuality wise)
-Friends- Callie, Jordan, Hope (Not so much, the two don't really like each other very much), Redfox (they don't talk very often), Blank Canvas, Amethyst Charm.
-Love interest/Crush(es)- IDK
-Pets- Nope
-Theme song- IDK
-Worlds they takes place in
Canon universe/timeline
MLP Universe
Alternate Universe 1 (Minor)
Alternate Universe 2 (Minor)
-Alternate forms
Horse-like Unicorn
-Other notes-
In her human form her human form her stripes transfer over to scars, so she has scars on both arms, her stomach, and one where her horn should be.
I imagine her hanging out with Callie as they theorise about who the illuminati is..or just making illuminati jokes or just bad jokes/references in general
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July 31, 2016
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