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Pokemon Go: A Trainer's Regrets
All I wanted was to catch them all.
It started out so innocently. You grow up in a Pokemon world, wanting nothing more than to be a Pokemon trainer. So when the professor offers you a chance to start your own Pokemon journey, to catch them all, of course you accept, who wouldn’t?
Yeah, it was all just Pidgeys and Rattatas at first. The Professor wanted them, so I sent them over; I kept getting stronger Pokemon, and the Professor was getting Pokemon for his research. I didn’t care for what - track their migration patterns, train them, test cosmetics on them, I dunno, it wasn’t any of my business. All that mattered to me was that I was a trainer.
That’s when they approached me. Leaders of their own teams, and each had scouted me as a prospective member - me, just some kid who was good at catching Rattatas. It turns out that’s how they get you; start ‘em when they’re young, make them feel like an important part of the team, and they’re yours
:iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 2 0
Doctor Who Christmas Carol: Twelve Regenerations
On the twelfth regeneration, the Doctor gave to me:
Twelve angry eyebrows
Eleven Jammie Dodgers
Ten loud “Allons-y”s
Nine Daleks dying
Eight draughts a-drinking
Seven cool umbrellas
Six clashing colors
Five celery!
Four jelly babes
Three fight scenes
Two recorder songs
And a trip in a time machine.
:iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 2 0
Pokemon: Anything Ash Can Do, Misty Can Do Better
M: Let’s face it, Ash… anything you can do, I can do better.
A: What!?
M: I can do anything better than you.
A: No you can’t.
M: Yes I can.
A: No you can’t!
M: Yes I can, watch me, Ash!
A: Anything you can train, I can make greater.
And not much later, my team’s greater than yours.
M: No it’s not.
A: Yes it is.
M: No it’s not.
A: Yes it is.
M: No it’s not!
A: Yes it is, yes it is
A: I can beat a Slaking,
Without even blinking.
M: I can beat an Aggron,
Any time just for fun.
A: I can win at any gym!
M: But are you the champ?
A: No…
M: Nice try, you scamp.
A: Any move you can use, I can use stronger!
M: I can use any move stronger than you!”
A: No you can’t.
M: Yes I can!
A: No you can’t!
M: Yes I can!
A: Pikachu!
M: Go Starmie!
A: Thunderbolt!
M: Thunderboooolt!
A: How did it even learn that?
M: I used a TM.
A: Pokemon you befriend I befriend better.
M: Pokemon like me way better than you!
A: No they don’t.
:iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 2 2
Da Boss (A Pokemon/Disney song parody)
Gosh it excites me to speak with da boss,
After our mission went down.
All of our knees get all weak near da boss,
Just from a stare and a frown.
There’s none in Team Rocket respected as him,
Throughout Viridian City.
We don’t even care we’re neglected by him,
And the reason is quite clear to see…
No one’s tough as da boss,
Has that stuff like da boss,
No one looks quite as good in the buff like da boss.
For there’s no one in Rocket as manly,
Full of ambition and brawn.
You can ask Archer, Domino, or Cass’dy,
And they’ll tell you what Team they are proud to be on!
No one shouts like da boss!
Calls us louts like da boss!
No one looks at our skills and has doubts like da boss!
“As a gym leader, yes, I’m intimidating.”
My, what a guy, that’s our boss!
Give five salutes! Give ten “Yes, sir’s!”
Da boss is the best and the rest are all curs!
No one trains like da boss,
Has a brain like da boss,
No one
:iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 4 5
Magikarp - A Pokemon Song Parody
Magikarp, Magikarp
Oh, Magi Magi Magi
Magikarp, Magikarp
Oh, Magi Magi Magi
Magikarp, Magikarp
Oh, Magi Magi Magi
Caught myself a Magikarp
Tell you why:
Because Gyarados is super fly.
And if he can pull off a Dragon Dance
Team Rocket won’t stand a chance
Against my
Magikarp, Magikarp
Oh, Magi Magi Magi
Magikarp, Magikarp
Oh, Magi Magi Magi
Magikarp, Magikarp
Oh, Magi Magi Magi
Swifter than speedsters in the rain
Attacks with Splash, Tackle, or Flail
Leveling him up may seem like a pain
But Magikarp - won’t fail!
Magikarp, Magikarp
Oh, Magi Magi Magi
Magikarp, Magikarp
Oh, Magi Magi Magi
Magikarp, Magikarp
Oh, Magi Magi Magi
Magikarp won’t fail me
Tell you why:
Get swept by one and you just might cry.
He flails and crits ’til his foes all faint,
Gee, my Magikarp is great!
I choose you,
Magikarp, Magikarp
Oh, Magi Magi Magi
Magikarp, Magikarp
Oh, Magi Magi Magi
Magikarp, Magikarp
Oh, Magi Magi Magi
:iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 0 0
Hooked on Your Healing (A Pokemon Song Parody)
[Sung to the tune of "Hooked on a Feeling"]
My team needs some healing,
Please help fix them up.
Joy, I need a bit of of
Your sweet healing touch.
When you put them,
On that cure machine,
I know you are
The best nurse for me,
I'm hooked on your healing!
My Pokemon are reeling
Oh won't you help my team?
Lips sweet as Rare Candy
You level up my heart.
Love is a gym battle
I'm ready to start.
I'll give my badge to you girl,
For when our match is through
We’ll find the Poke Center
And get help from you.
You make me feel
Like I've got Pokerus.
Oh come on Joy,
Let's make time for us.
I'm hooked on your healing!
My Pokemon are reeling
Oh won't you help my team?
I'm hooked on your healing!
:iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 3 0
Fanime Room Reservations Journal
February 10th, 2014.
11:01 AM
Booking is hell.
If you are reading this, then maybe I have managed to survive. Or maybe you’re just reading the last words of a dead man. A dead man who couldn’t book a room for Fanime.
It all started innocently enough. People were waiting for the rooms to go live, as they do every year. But each year, it grew harder and harder to get in on time, and it seemed we’d lose a few good men each time around.
Then, not even weeks before, the news struck: only registered guests could book a room. A quiet panic spread, and those who were waiting to register rushed to the site, lest they lose their chance to book one. Members of the press watched on in shock, unsure of how they could get one while still waiting on their press credentials. Panelists had to weigh their options, and determine if the pre-reg discount would outweigh their panelist discount.
But all of a sudden, it stopped. Fanime retracted its policy, and it seemed all would return to
:iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 2 2
Carry On, My Pokemon
Carry on, my Pokemon
There'll be peace when Rocket's gone.
Restore your HP with Rest
You can fight some more.
Once I cured away the Burn and Confusion,
My attack broke through Zorua's Illusion.
I thought my moves would hit first
But Crobat used fly.
Though my team could win I still was in trouble,
Though I was one those two had made it double.
I hear their motto, they keep screaming,
'Till they make me say:
Carry on, my Pokemon
There'll be peace when Rocket's gone.
Restore your HP with Rest
You can fight some more.
Opposing them as a man with Jigglypuff
Its Facade is a move that hits them tough.
And if I have to use a potion, well,
It surely means my HP is low.
After Poison Fang hit me with the flinch-hax,
My attack stalled a turn, I knew I should think fast.
I see the opening for winning,
So they hear me say:
Carry on, my Pokemon!
There'll be peace when Rocket's gone.
Restore your HP with Rest
You can fight some more.
Pokemon! You will always be my friend!
Pokemon! From now on unt
:iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 17 11
I'll Make a Rocket Grunt Out of You
Let's get down to business
To defeat the twerp!
Why would you use Zubat?
You know that won't work.
You're the lamest grunts I'll ever see,
But soon as we
Are done with you
You'll be a
Rocket Grunt
Through and through.
Tranquil as Meditite,
Burning like Moltres.
Once you find their weakness,
Their moves will hurt less.
You're a brainless, weak, crossdressing lot,
And you're all without merit.
Somehow you'll
Work here in
Team Rocket!
"I'm never gonna catch that rat."
"Pikachu electrocute me…"
"Maybe I should train at Pewter City Gym."
"I just want to get Crobat."
"One more day like this? Just shoot me."
"How was I to know my Onix couldn't swim?"
(Team Rocket!)
You must use Swift to knock out Pokemon,
(Team Rocket!)
With a Force Palm to defeat Rock ones.
(Team Rocket!)
With enough Strength to move giant boulders,
Mysterious and ruthless as Umbreon!
Time is racing towards us
'Till it's time to strike.
Obey all my orders,
And you'll do alright.
Use your Pokeball
To catch 'em all.
And we wil
:iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 7 9
Disney/Star Wars: Lord Jabba
Hey! Clear the way to the sail barge
Hey you!
Let him through,
Cuz he's living large.
Oh come,
Be the first to bow down before him.
Make way!
Here he comes!
Get Reebo's band on the drums,
Oh you're gonna fear this guy!
Lord Jabba! This here fella,
Is a Hutt gangster.
Your best bet, is to respect
His majesty.
Now try to not cross his path,
Or you will feel his wrath
And be frozen on the wall for all to see!
Lord Jabba, one hell of a
Mighty Hutt gangster!
Bow your head,
Or you'll be dead,
As Rancor feed.
He sent hunters for Solo,
Who had nowhere left to go,
Could he escape us? No!
Jabba caught him!
He's got seventy-five dancing Twi'lek
Askajians he's got twenty-three
When it comes to alien and droid slaves,
Has he got a lot
I'm telling you, he controls half of Tatooine!
Lord Jabba, you might wanna
show some deference.
He's a Hutt
And you know what,
He's gonna kill me.
My song's gone on for too long,
I should probably get gone,
For once this verse ends the Rancor will eat!
:iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 1 2
Disney/Star Wars: Blow Up The World
"I can blow up the worlds~
Kashyyyk, Naboo, and Yavin!
Tell me, Princess, now when did you last see your planet die?
"I can ignite the skies
Tear the planets asunder
Make star systems all wonder,
Why do the rebels try?
"A destroyed world!
A whole fantastic place gone boom.
Where did the rebels go,
If you "don't know,"
Aldeeran will be pieces."

"No, not my world!
The kindest place I ever knew.
Please don't use your Death Star,
Don't go that far!
I'll sell out the rebel base to you."
"Then the rebels will all die for you!"
"My believable lie:
Our base is on Dantooine!
Planning attacks and scheming,
To defeat the empire.
"Now spare my world!"
"You may fire at will."
"You said that you would let it be!"
"I just lied, I'm Darth Vader."
"Now fire the Death Star!
Dantooine's too far.
We won't go there,
Now Alderaan won't be."
"Destroy her world!"

"No, I beg you, don't fire!"
"Wipe its horizons through and through."
"My family is in danger!"
"We'll chase r
:iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 3 0
Team Rocket at Fanime by Eliteslayer Team Rocket at Fanime :iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 5 0 Rocket is Best Team by Eliteslayer Rocket is Best Team :iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 4 3
Oh I Just Can't Wait to be Slowking
(Sung to the tune of "I Just Can't Wait to be King" from The Lion King.)
"I'm gonna evolve to Slowking, so Team Rocket beware!"
"Well you'll never level up to me without Exp Share."
"I'm gonna be the team's main lead,
Bring enemies their doom.
I'm brushing up on my Slack Off,
And setting up Trick Room."
"Thus far a rather unoriginal team."
"Because soon I will be Slowking!"
"Now I'll use Psychic!"             ("Not against Dark types!")
"Then I'll use Ice Beam!"         ("You need a T.M!")
"Maybe a Tackle!"                   ("Now that's just weak-")
"Set up a Light Screen!"          ("What kind of moveset are you running?")
"Free to level up my way!"      ("Think about your stats!")
"I don't want to EV Tr
:iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 1 5
Sac Anime: Team Rocket's Rockin' by Eliteslayer Sac Anime: Team Rocket's Rockin' :iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 6 10 OotS: Brother vs Brother by Eliteslayer OotS: Brother vs Brother :iconeliteslayer:Eliteslayer 12 8

Random Favourites

Treating One's Opponents by Stormfalcon Treating One's Opponents :iconstormfalcon:Stormfalcon 2 0 Just Say No to Giovanni by Stormfalcon Just Say No to Giovanni :iconstormfalcon:Stormfalcon 1 1 Red and Company by Stormfalcon Red and Company :iconstormfalcon:Stormfalcon 5 2 NCC July Meetup 2010 by koke-momo NCC July Meetup 2010 :iconkoke-momo:koke-momo 6 5 Giovanni with Fella 2 by faidoi Giovanni with Fella 2 :iconfaidoi:faidoi 4 2 Giovanni with Fella by faidoi Giovanni with Fella :iconfaidoi:faidoi 6 0 Pactio Cards at the Ready by Stormfalcon Pactio Cards at the Ready :iconstormfalcon:Stormfalcon 1 1 FanimeCon 2010 Akamatsu Group by Stormfalcon FanimeCon 2010 Akamatsu Group :iconstormfalcon:Stormfalcon 1 0 White and Red Wings by Stormfalcon White and Red Wings :iconstormfalcon:Stormfalcon 2 5 Akamatsu Gathering Lineup by Stormfalcon Akamatsu Gathering Lineup :iconstormfalcon:Stormfalcon 1 0 Zazie and Two Nagis by Stormfalcon Zazie and Two Nagis :iconstormfalcon:Stormfalcon 1 2 Synchronized Facepalming by Stormfalcon Synchronized Facepalming :iconstormfalcon:Stormfalcon 0 0 Booster Gold Art Card by kevinbolk Booster Gold Art Card :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 514 116 NCC June Meetup: SF Zoo by koke-momo NCC June Meetup: SF Zoo :iconkoke-momo:koke-momo 5 14 A Shinigami's Life For Me by Stormfalcon A Shinigami's Life For Me :iconstormfalcon:Stormfalcon 2 0 Aizen Looking for Trouble by Stormfalcon Aizen Looking for Trouble :iconstormfalcon:Stormfalcon 2 6



So yeah. After SDCC I realized it would be a lot easier to keep track of all the people I meet by having a cosplay page to direct them to. As such, I decided to make one. It's not about fame or popularity, but keeping connected with the people I meet and having my cosplay stuff on a single page.

So, if you want to check it out, here's the link: I decided to go with Ryoga Rocket because, well, alliteration mostly, and it uses two of my favorite cosplays without being too connected to either. I'm still just giving it a test run to see if it's worth using, but enjoy.


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