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This is concept one for a WordPress theme I recently started working on. I am really looking for feedback - I've been staring at this design for about 8 hours and it is hard to see errors.

Your comments are appreciated.
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Nice, good woood :)
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Thanks a bunch :)
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This look very cool i like the lil white shadow
anyways this is good
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Thanks a lot!
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i think u shud put pic in sid them places
cus ill look better
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Put what picture where?
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in side that box "SPONSORS" and "ADVERTISE"
Aand under that 2 :D
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Well that is where the adverts will go, but for just the sake of a concept design, I am leaving them blank to keep the design unified. Thanks for the heads up though!
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It looks great on my screen as it is. Perhaps it could use a minor contrast adjustment but that's all, I like it.
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Thanks a lot! I guess the header contrast seems to be the biggest issue based on the comments so thanks for the heads up!
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nutralyHobbyist Interface Designer
Looks great. still a couple of things. the blogposts part is too thin and the menu doesn't have enough contrast so the text is perfectly readable. some people have badly set screens so there is no difference between dark grey and black.
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Good point. On my screen, the nav looks great - but when I tilt it back I lose the contrast. I can definitely lighten things up.

As for the blog posts width - that's an easy fix - thanks for the heads up!
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yea my screen at work is off from my home comp. at home things look way off from work... anyways, in that thought I would suggest just lightening the main nav text to make it more legible, otherwise i think everything else flows really good!
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I'll lighten it up and post it back up so everyone can see - thanks a lot for the feedback!
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sebastienlerouxProfessional Interface Designer
Nice design ! i like it!
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Thanks for the comment! :D
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It looks really nice mate
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Thanks very much!
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El3ment4lProfessional Interface Designer
Wow... I've looked at it for about 5 minutes and can't find anything that needs work. This is amazing, congrats on joining and it looks like you're on your way to a solid portfolio. I'll be watching you :)
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I really appreciate your comments - I'm just now building up a portfolio so I hope to get more designs up soon. I'm watching you too now - you have some incredible logo designs :worship:
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