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Friendship is Magic

By elisetrinh
This one is for all the pony fans out there, new and old. :) I was a huge MLP fan when I was a kid so when I heard about the reboot of course I had to check it out. I'll admit I am a bit shocked at the popularity it's gained amongst guys but it is awesome and I'd suggest everyone give it a try.

I brought this as a print to fanime but have since added in Derpy to the back. Next con I'll have this at will be Anime Expo in LA July 1-4.

Can't wait for Season 2 :) Now all I need is a Carebears and Smurfs reboot and I'll be able to relive my childhood completely.
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I remember this show came out when I was in second grade. I got hooked to the show a lot. Everyday I would come home from school, I would go check the cable and see if any episode got recorded. Great memories.
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This looks really good and I remember when this show and Adventure Time is huge back in the early 2010's!
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May I use this art for a video please? :)
I promise to credit you
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Sure that's fine. Thanks!
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Sorry for the long wait but here's the video :)
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Rainbow Dash messy mane sprite : Derpy! What're you doin' in the background? Come out here and join us, pal! We're all friends here!

Derpy Clapping Pony Icon : Yaaaaay! (flies into Mane Six and knocks them down like bowling pins)

Oops! Sorry, guys... I--

Mane Six: (in unison) You just don't know what went wrong.

Derpy Clapping Pony Icon: (smiling) DERP! How did you know?

Derpy is the best background pony on the show, and quite possibly the most beloved pony of all. Great job on The Mane Six Plus One! :)
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What program do you use.
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Photoshop and illustrator!
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Lovely! It looks amazing!
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The painting was brought Taiwan YOYO TV publicity Season 4…

It seems that they can not judge is not from Hasbro ...…
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haha.. oh well.
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Interesting coincidence!
This painting is also used in the 2012 Taiwan Bronies Meetup In Taipei one of the cake pattern…

Active Record…
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Wow! Great pic. Love it, thanks.
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every pony and their pet

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Friendship is truly magic.
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Rainbow dash's tortoise Tank isn't there
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Look at the date
zombiebunny97's avatar
Rainbow dashes tortoise Tank isn't there
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Super Cute, Love the Kitty!
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