We will never forget our children.

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This man should never be met with forgiveness.
He should never find shelter.
He should live the rest of his miserable existance knowing that the entire Norway despise and detest him.

We will never forget our young.
We will never stop mourning their deaths.
We will honor their memory by continuing our work for what they believed in.

For freedom of speech.
For dialogue and coexistance.
For equality, safety and an open and caring society.

We will not be silenced.
We will not be terrorized.
We will not forgive.

And we will remember this man as a traitor to our nation and a disgrace to our society.

But we will not bow down to brutality and fear.
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You and your entire country have my deepest condolences. No one should be put through the trauma yours are experiencing right now.
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Not sure what to say really. Can't find words of the right scale to make it appropriate.

Sorry, can't think of anything to say other than of course I am bloody furious that this happened to your country and are your friends and family alright?
I am having trouble finding the right words myself.
My family and my closest friends are all alright, and while I am thankful for this it pains me that there are several still unaccounted for and many parents having to realize that their children will not be coming home.
It is unfathomable.
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Yes, unfathomable is about the closest thing to describing it accurately. I'm very sorry.
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I couldn't agree more. I am so, so sorry. Please know that you are all in our hearts and minds.
Thank you. We all feel a deep sense of loss and sorrow today, and we are thankful for the support from all of you.
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