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July 9, 2011
The suggester says, " I think it's a very original idea,who else draws different styles of metal music? and her style of drawing it's very unique too."
Metallers by *Elisadeth
Featured by kangel
Suggested by Wolfkrig
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Full view pleaseBtw,this is all for fun and these are some NOT ALL of the 'stereotypes' of vision of people about metallers.

:bulletblack:Please,support me in these webs too,I'd appreciate it so much! 
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Black metal is my second favorite metal genre after industrial. :^> Haven't listened too much folk, viking, or death metal (though I feel like I would like death metal lot if I listened to it more). Power metal and heavy metal are cool.
Horned-Lyzz's avatar
FOLK/POWER METAL!!!! :headbang:
WeegeeSlayer's avatar
I would be a Power Metalhead.
HiruHikari13's avatar
METALIA!!!!! (Metal version of Hetalia) :headbang:
666SATANAKIA666's avatar
NazoHunter's avatar
Black and dead are to get fucked up in the head (not in the bad way of course),folk and power are purely to fill the heart with bravery and for playing D&D campaigns, and the good ol' heavy is for... I dunno for the others.
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I love this fashion set !!!!
very welldone ;)
Ardate's avatar
I listen to all kind of metal, but my clothing style is closer to the classic look : band t-shirt and leather jacket! This is great though, two of them actually look like friends of mine x)
Do you know Metalocalypse?
ElisEiZ's avatar
Thank you =)
Yes,I know that animation
Ardate's avatar
You're welcome!
Haha I though it would maybe interest you :)
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I prefer Rammstein, Eisbrecher, Megaherz

Eisbrecher " This is deutsch remix/ normal" are cool or
> Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein?
> Eisbrecher
> Eiszeit
> Schwarze Witwe
> Heilig
> Kinder der Nacht
> Segne deinen Schmerz

do you know german metal bands??ß :D
ElisEiZ's avatar
Haha yeah I love to listen to german metal but mostly folk-pagan-symphonic metal bands =)
TaNa-Jo's avatar
Aaah ;D
No hungarian metal? 
Oh that is also very nice ~
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Yup this how I know you. I was just thinking to myself why this artist seems familiar to me. These guys right here. Rock on. \m/
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Headbang! B-) (Cool) Headbang! 
Rock on! Whoot whoot!
Stoisis's avatar
Nice man, heavy metal all the way!Metal Emote 
PokeyFluffytail's avatar
Power Metal is my absolute favorite. ^_^
JWB96's avatar
I'm with you on that boat!
Takalisky's avatar
Did someone say Power Metal? Hell yes! 
At least, we're 3!
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