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Winter feelings

Are you looking forward to winter?

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Special feature for you :love: 
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Happy Holidays! Heart
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Definitely! I really love the holiday season, and I'm already thinking about it.
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No, because I love in the big city now, but this brings up huge nostalgia for me... It's beautiful.
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sooo cold... :D
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wow! this pic is so pretty! i like it! pretty sparkles and glitters in the snow, plus the railroad adds a wonderful effect. and YES. i am looking forward to winter. it's my favorite season. my second favorite is autumn, and unlike most, summer is my least favorite season. it's buggy and muggy and i never like working outside when it's hot. plus summer is the height of tornado season, and i am terrified of tornadoes. so yes, i am definitely looking forward to winter. did i overdose on talking about myself??
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I kinda hate summer to ;p
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but beautiful photo! :D
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Always. I love winter!! And snow especially.
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Amazing! I love winter
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I wish for snow.
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Noo, way to coold :P
Lovely pic!
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I live in Brazil near the equator, here it is summer all year round, the údica difference is the rainy season and drought.
I lived in the state which is in the extreme south, where there are four seasons, I miss the winters I spent in my childhood.
Thank you pro remind me of those times.
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AMAZING!!! AWESOME!!!! GORGEOUS!!! LOVE IT!! :) I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to Winter! :)

This is a stunningly beautiful photo, replete with Winter's special magic and a breathtakingly exquisite snow-covered tree!!!! Thank you for sharing it! :)

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Yes, I am looking forwards to winter. More specifically, Winter Break! :la: (and the Wii U release date!)
i love it and i can;t wait for winter and all these fairy time .THX for that amazing photo :D
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Cant wait for winter :D It snowed the other day so I`m hoping winter will come fast this year
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Great shot, gives you that winter feeling~
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Yes I am ! Beautiful photograph (:
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are you kidding?! i've been looking forward to winter since spring!! lol this picture is awesome, it made me happy to see it on the front page :3
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Really lovely! I love winter! <3
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