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Vintage green

If you use this please credit me


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Gorgeous!  Thanks for sharing. :)
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Thank you, this action is just lovely. [link]
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nice. love it.
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wow this is amazing :O
But..why can't I use this on my photoshop page ? :/
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amazing thank you!
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I never noticed you could make your photos look like a warmer temp. by making them green!
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its look cool! i like it!
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[link] thank you so much!! :)
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where where these taken? the mountains are beautiful :3
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i like the ''befores'' best...
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this is going to sound dumb, but could someone please tell me what an action is an how you use it?
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It is a series of recorded commands (also referred to as a Macro) within Photoshop or a relevant program. The action panel has a bullet list of titled entries with nested "actions" or "commands" that alter the whole image and/or selection. In order to add an action, you have to save it somewhere you can easily locate on your computer [be sure you have unzipped the file itself] and then within Photoshop open up the action panel. Then one clicks the button on the top right of the action pane that has a small down arrow next to three horizontal lines (menu) and select "Load Actions...". You then search for the saved action file and select it. It should now appear on the list of actions within the action pane. Whatever selection you have, right click on the action and select "apply".

Often actions are consisted of many layers and you can frequently alter the layers. It is a powerful tool if you wish to create a series of commands that can be used again or applied to several images. They can be as simple or as complex as one can design. They are easy to create, but one has to recall which ones one has created oneself so one does not accidentally use another's without giving proper credit. :)Hope this sort of helps.

Just send a message if need further assistance or trouble with online tutorials.
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wow, thanks so much!!!
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Np! :) Glad if it helps. :)
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the second one must have been cold to shoot. :S
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Lovely! I can't wait to try this out :D I'll let you know when I do!
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Wow! It really makes the pictures look much better.
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fff- stop being so talented :U
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