Deviation Actions

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Coloring actions

Photoshop action
Free to use for non commercial work

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What do you use to edit your photos, If I may ask ofcourse.

Lovely photography!
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Is there any way to get this to work in PSE? When I try to open the atn file, nothing happens :(
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I don't know if it works for that ask well tbh
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I even don't know what I was trying to say
I don't know if my actions work for pse
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Lol okay, thank you anyway :)
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these are lovely, thnx
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i like the bottom right
who is the pretty girl?
and dang love the color.
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I love that photo and the actions~ :D It makes me so happy to see FREE Photo shop coloring actions~ I couldn't believe it when people started charging for them.
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I really like this one.
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beautiful actions
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It's amazing! Great work!
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Maybe you should put in the artist's comments what it is? it took me a while to realise it was a zip file and even now I don't fully get the purpose of that ^^;
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well it kinds says at the top "coloring actions"
and it's also placed under Resources & Stock Images / Application Resources / Photoshop Actions

but i could put something in the artists comments to (:
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I like the colors within the top right :D
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