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Do you like this? Please, let go to visit our website, Comic Who!! ^__^ [link]
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This is very hilarious!!
I was thinking about Highlander first, but then I saw it was referenced to Zoolander! :heart:
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Hi! :wave:

You've been featured in my news ('BEST OF: dA-Supporters group – 45') here: [link] :heart:

P.S. Please :+fav: this article and other works if you like it! :aww:


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that is hilarious!
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OMG LOL. This made my day~ <3
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That's just so awesome. :D They are so cute. Great picture. :)
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Haha, great parody!
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Haha, their faces just made me smile :D
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I think you just made my life with Smith's face in the second panel.

Thank you.
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You're welcome XDDDD :heart:
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Heh heh, this pic is both hilarious and cute! X3
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X3 Thank you very much! ^^
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You're welcome :3
It was really well done :D
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Awesome. I think eccly is cool looking in this pic and rose when the doctor is up there her face says it all. Go Tenny.
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Lol good one.. love how half of them have their real names and the rest have their series name=P
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In the comic I mean :)
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some names coincide ^^
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