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Happy Hall-Who-in!

Happy Halloween (pardon, Hall-Who-in) from the Comic Who staff!!!

Come to visit us! [link]
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smithy: i like pumpkins, pumpkins are cool , and they're not that bad either....
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they're all so adorable!
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The Doctor looks especially adorable! :love:
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which doctor?
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whoops I forgot to say which one ^^;
The eleventh ^^
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o okay..yea he is cute isn't he in a little pumpkin!
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hehe he's all like :iconsmilieplz:
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i no right!
so adorable and innocent
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Too cute. And I was Amy pond for Halloween
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So we're in the past? (blue bow)
nice one!
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This is so cute! I love their costumes
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Holy fish custard, this is beyond adorable! Smithy dressed as a pumpkin (with a bow tie) has got to be illegal for being so dang cute! And Tenny is a cat... :love: Very well done, and I shall say once again, ADORABLE! =D
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This is amazing :)
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This is so funny!
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:iconlachoirplz: THIS IS THE BEST! AHH SO CUTE!
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This is so adorable!! :) Ans Smithy looks really really cute! :3
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This is just adorable, I really like it.
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This is great ! Wish they would come trick or treating here ;)
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