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abstract emotions

My second project of my IB-art course in school

:pointr: Painted in acrylics, oil bars and oil pastels (actually it is a rather big piece)

i got the idea while watching two schoolmates sitting on a sofa in a coffee shop.
Abstract art is not really my style, but i like experimenting with something new.
Personally, i would not put this one on my wall; the colours are too bright for me. But they seemed to fit with this concept.

:bulletblue: What does it represent? :bulletblue:
Well, if you look at the painting you can see a man & a woman sitting on a sofa in front of a vivacious background. But it isn’t as simple as that. It seems like the background is moving. On the side of the man the swirls are still simple. But as they start to move towards the woman, the swirls develop into more complex & colourful ones. This represents the attraction of the man to the woman; each colour stands for different emotions (i suppose everyone could interpret this differently, but this is what I wanted to express):
:bulletpurple: red: love, desire
:bulletpurple: yellow: jealousy, excitement
:bulletpurple: blue: pain & passion
:bulletpurple: green: affection, devotion

The people are a dark colour which mean it is difficult to see their emotions deep inside of them. They are faceless – I rather wanted to concentrate on body language. Even if those figures are not realistic, they still express the concept. The way the man sits seems so relaxed, but the truth is, he is pretty nervous about the woman sitting next to him. And she pretends not to notice him and sits in a ladylike position. They sit at opposite ends of the sofa, however they can’t deny the attraction between them.
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tolles konzept sowie ausführung...:clap:
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This is an excellent piece. It is well balanced, has a great choice of colors... There is so much motion!

...but you already know all that.

I can see why you were in IB Art!

I see a conversation taking place. The woman is playing coy and hard to get. The man is clearly amused by the game, but embarrased by how quickly it arroused his more physical interest. He doesn't appear too worried however. Perhaps he can see right through the game, and knows it's only a matter of time before they...

There seems to be a lot of passion in this piece, but no tension. That's a good thing, I think. Angst is almost overdone, now that angst for the sake of angst is so rediculously popular.

I can see this hanging in an artsy coffee shop, like a place I used to hang at called Caffe Mattisse in San Jose. It's a great conversation piece, no pun intended.
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Oh WOW! This is awesome! I'll leave a better comment when I am awake enough to write something a bit more intelligent than "wow" and "awesome". I was just curious and wanted to see your art before I crashed.

I loved IB Art and IB English.

must sleep...
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Very unsual picture. You have a cool style and the colours really makes you happy. :)
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Beautiful! Great colors and style.
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excellent elisa ! wonderful explanations !

greetings ! :) (Smile)

roninbearz's avatar makes me happy!!!~ : )
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Also, love the sofa!!
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I really like the symboplism within the piece. You obviously put a lot of thought and care into it. As far as hanging it on the wall? Well yeah it is a bit much that way, but I don't think because of the colours themselves. It has more to do with the background, which, while certainly being an important attribute to the piece itself, complicates it at the same time. I think that if the background colours bled into each other a certain amount (similiar to the lower half) it would subdue the starkness without losing the overall vivaciousness.

your expressions of the piece were spot on as that's exactly what I saw in it prior to reading your description. This is very well done. I hope you received great marks on it as the work deserves nothing less.

Keep it up!!

;) (Wink)
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Your talent extends itself from an eye for a good photo, to the brush in your hand. Great flow, beautiful colors, especially the big yellow sofa. Brilliant!
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Wow this looks really cool ... I dig the style alot ... and the bacground is cool ...
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i love the way you combined comfortable and uncomfortable feelings... the figures look relaxed but nervous at the same time and the sofa looks soft but un-ergonomic. It great, the colours and the pattern in the background are like their thoughts in the air above them... a tranferrence of energies. I like to make my own conclusions about a painting but its always nice to know what the artist was thinking when they painted it, so i dont think theres anything wrong with your detailed description, i was able to look at the picture in a whole new way after reading it.
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nice composition, the colors work so well together... it's extremely balanced
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Very nice! I like all those colors. Great work.
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Im not sure what I like about art styles... but for sure this image do it :) (Smile)
Very warm Sun
I love that background, Its a bit as a VanGogh paint, he used these colors too
Beauty Eye Kiss Eye
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I actually like abstract and surreal art a lot. Gives you the possibility to interprete things and to express them in a different and unusual way. This one is very succeeded and I think the idea works very well, even if I would maybe interprete something else into it. Interesting isn't just the colour composition or the movement idea. Interesting is especially the posing. Both sit very distanced from each other and both seem kind of nervous, still they try to keep up a cool and relaxed mood to impress the other one. There's also a nice contrast between the dark colour on the persons and the bright shrill tone of the sofa. This sets the attention on both persons and their relation to each other, even if both want to hide their feelings and intentions. Beside this the front shows the surface that means the try of hiding everything and the backround shows instead the real emotion and thoughts. So both aren't so distanced from each other like the want to express. Indeed their behave is exactly the opposite of that what they want ot express. But enough of analysing. It's just a damn cool piece with some really deep thoughts and ideas behind the open surface. Great.
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cool..symbolic! fav
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whoa this is unbelievable, looks so proffesional. but i like being able to look at a painting and infering the meaning on my own, even though ur explanations helpful, leave it open to interperatation. good job none the less! :) (Smile)
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response to paulscha :
you are right, sometimes a piece of art doesn't need to have a meaning. but i had to put more thoughts into this one since it was a school project (i need to have an answer ready for how and why we did this, and the meaning behind it). so i just wrote it down here in case anyone cares to read it ;) (Wink)
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I can't deny my attraction to this piece - its GREAT! I don't it needs so much explaining, though - part of the fun of a piece like this is letting your imagination play over it freely...
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