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interpret this one as you wish.

I've gotten a few questions about the heart, and no, it isn't photoshopped in. I cut out a paper heart and then put something behind it to hold it up. What you see is an out-of-focus reflection of it.

I never expected so many people to like this one. Thank you :)

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I was looking for broken mirror pics to feature in a "superstitions" themed prompt and this one stood out for me because 1) it's very pretty and nicely executed, and 2) it can have several interpretations. I like how you can interpret it as "broken mirror -> bad luck" but also as a broken heart, and perhaps even as one being the result of the other. Not to mention other interpretations, such as broken or damaged emotions, sheltering a heart, only the reflection of a heart, etc.
Very interesting piece!!
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i was listening to an indian song starting with a broken mirror... and thought i should look up for it on dA. so i am here... only the ones with deep thinking mind and sensitive heart can understand and explain it well :) in love with this pic
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I love it your good at taking photos!
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i adore how this could mean broken love or a person whose heart is trapped behind a cold demeanor that is slowly breaking.
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:heart: thank you so much :)
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Congratulations! Featured: [link] :iconroseplz:
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Hi! I love your pic.
I'm a young filmaker from Spain and I shoted this summer a little shortfilm called "All my Loving". I think your picture is perfect for the poster because the story is about the broken love and you are expressing so many important things with that single pic. Can I use it?

Thank You!

PD: I'll be glad to send to you a dvd copy with english subtitles, when it will be finished.
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O_o!! Yeah that would be awesome :D

I would love to see it when it is finished :)
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Thank you very much!!! I'll contact you again as soon as possible!

Keep in touch!
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Very cool shot. I like it a lot. So many meanings it could have.
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Fantastic shot.
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This deviation have been featured in here [link]
Please fav it if you like the feature and browse other pictures there, fave and comment whichever you like :)
Thank you... Wonderful picture!
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Thank you so much :aww:
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How'd you get the shot without the camera getting in the it?
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Magic ;)

Haha, naw I think I just had the right angle on it so that it didn't show.
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Ah, I see. It's very nice.
Nice nice nice!!!!!! very artsy and just flippin amazing:) love it! lol i actually 'heart' it.
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haha thanks Steph :)
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NICE! great .. i love it
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I like this one...

I just found out my ex-girlfriend slept with two guys then broke up with me and went out with another... Funny how she's said forever...

Laughable I know.

But this picture appeals to me right now. :)
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