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i realy like the page but because you asked for cirituq i will try to give you some.

panel 1 the hand on the right site gets to much attention. i would add more hands or remove the one so that the focus gets more to the band.

panel 2 the hand with the phone looks somehow strange, maybe because of the shading on it.
the hands in the background with the shield looks somehow strange with the head of the guy in the middle oof it. i would move it just a bit to the left or right.

panel4 tha dark shadow silhouette gets again to much attention. iw would work without too.

about the rating stars...well, dont care about them <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Hi- Your pencils are very clean and tight...(an inkers dream!) Your panel layout is dynamic and continuously draws my eyes to the next panel...nice sequential story telling! Your poses and expressions could be more dynamic, but I dont know what song is being sung...if its a ballad what you have is fine, but less expressive than I would like to see...if its rock or something hard then the poses and expressions are a little vanilla to be appropriate. The crowd facial panel in particular lacks expressive features. The bottom panel lead me to think it was a rock song (what with the "hook 'em" horns). The singer could be more physically involved.
I know I'm really late but WOW! this blew me away, massive fan of their music. Great job with the pencils and really capturing their style👍
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Amazing work! I wonder what song they are playing :)
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This is awesome !
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feel good。。~
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wonderful. I liked very much, congratulations for art
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wonderful. I liked very much, congratulations for art!
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if you made this into a full blown comic i would definetly be buying and reading it :D
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nice. I think you can fix the random looking sillouette by adding one or two more silloeted hands up, and to the left. Love the first panel, and the splash??? the girl singing, very nice work.
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thats a really good piece of art my dear! I was on a paramore concert last december and you catched the feeling and the emotion perfect into that page. I like the different faces, the styles and the sillouettes of the fans. really clear pencil line art, perfect for an inker =)

great job!
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Great facial expressions, like the guy in the crowd looking whistfully upward. Awesome! You must have played in a band at sometime.
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amazing draw !
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great job this is amazing !!i love it !!!
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Amazing. I'm speechless!
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Perfect! ♥
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That just blew my mind away! You sure know how to represent their fans and the hype of their music! ^_^ Schweet job!
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Just. Amazing.

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