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Dark X-girl Cover - Pencils

By Elisa-Feliz
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I needed to draw a Cover for Dark X-Girl™, and since i was asked to draw a Codename: X-Girl™ cover for school and not allowed to use the ones i already had, i drew this one instead.
The character is Elayne.

These series won't be published until we've published "Parallels" and "Intrepid".

© XSIDE Comics / Elisa Féliz

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© 2010 - 2020 Elisa-Feliz
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this is so professional and you're so young! wish you the best!
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no problemo =) can i ask you where you find the references for your drawings? if you use photo obviously =P
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I don't usually use reference for the figures, unless i'm required for school or i find a pose i want to steal =P
But i try to find reference for some backgrounds, like i did for this one, i used google and also looked in the resources gallery on dA to find some photos of train interiors. When i chose one, i distorted it in photoshop until it looked like the one in my roughs.
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oh you didnt use reference for the pose here? wow for me it'd be impossible :S good trick for the perspective =P congratulation for your work, i find it similar to Greg Land's style and i like it =)
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Really? I love his style!
I wish i could have all that detail in mine. But i'm still too slow to be drawing photorealistic comics. lol
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yesh i'm not joking, especially in the page with the singer in concert. i'm slow too, and i use photos too much, if i go on like i'm doing all my characters will look like me... ok i should stop writing this is not a chatroom
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You can contact me anytime :)
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nice work....i love it.
This looks great!
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