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Dark X-Girl Cover - Colors

By Elisa-Feliz
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Colors for the Dark X-Girl™ Comic. I wasn't planning to publish this with my rushed coloring in it, actually a better colorist will do it. I only did the coloring for a school assignment and i still need to make some changes. It took me 2 hours.

Pencils and inks by me.

Dark X-Girl™, Codename: X-Girl™ and characters © XSIDE Comics / Elisa Féliz, All rights reserved

Inks & Pencils:
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© 2010 - 2020 Elisa-Feliz
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First and foremost, your piece's light source according to your subject is ambiguous. It's coming from the front but it's also coming from behind her and it's coming from the top... A consistant light source coming from above her pushing from back to front would be more solid. What you could use is some reference of a girl on a subway. That will help you with your light situation.

Some reference you might want to consider [link]

Your background is gray. While I know there are sections of the train that are gray, the subway actually is full of color,

another reference you might want to consider

It's not going to be a stark gray all over which actually flattens out the background an awful lot.

Your character's outfit is a patent leather and since the background is gray and the reflection on the leather should be gray it's not bad but it feels too soft to be that kind of leather. Warming up the background and giving her warmer highlights than the background on the leather would probably make her pop.

The skin tones need work, the highlights are cold and the shadows seem warmer. It flattens her out and doesn't make her pop as much as she could.

One last thing, the windows, Unless she's at the station it's going to be dark with a couple light passing by outside, and the reflection should be a subtle hint of the fluorescent lighting

Great work, hope to see more from you.
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Looking for a freelance artist for a game.. please contact me at dpayton@thecoreadmin
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You are a terrific artist! I love your work! I saw you at Comic Con NY - I'll be showing at X-Con as well. Hope to see you there!
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Thanks! I'll see you this weekend then :D
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thats mortal girl!!!

Isr looks sooo clasic, like DC comics!!!
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I still think it looks great. I can't even get how to do the colouring less actually do it as good as you have... well I can probably not accomplish anything really :XD:

But as I said I like it and your lineart and inking is great as well. I don't get how to ink either :XD:
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Thanks! :D
I'm glad you like it.
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How can I not like it? :D
I especially like the really subway-feeling of the inside of the train. Really good work with the colouring there
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Great stuff, everything looks amazing!
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Looks very cool! Can't wait to see the comic.
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outstanding color work! :thumbsup:
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Very nice composition, Britney! ;)
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Thanks, Guile! :D
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De nada, Eliza, you deserve all the praise! ;)
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Awesome piece! Love the progress images, pencil to color :clap:
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Thanks, Vin! It's really appreciated :aww:
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