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guys I'm back but now why because it's my 2 Year Anniversary in my DA Account since I first arrived I am now celebrating it right now so guys wanna join in 
:( (Sad) so guys I have been thinking for so long that I have the new Gaming Monitor a PC that I'm using right now and since I haven't been getting any watchers or nothing I just kept getting badges and favs but no added watchers so this could be something I may have no other choice to do it I'm 18 years old and now my HP Computer broke for like a least 1 or 2 week or so but the thing is I don't know what to do I haven't got support over 3 months ago I started a new YouTube Channel 2 months ago and now my Old DA and YT Accounts haven't been supported at all, you see this is my problem every time I do something nice nothing works I don't know what to do now the only thing I can do is leave until March since I had my HP Computer I now don't have a choice to leave I mean what choice to I have it's the only way there are no other ways to get out of this problem so  with the further do I am now mentioning almost everyone to this, so guys either this is not it or it is it but guys I might be going away so I'm going to mention

the girl I always kinda like : GemmaDex

members I had : JazzyJulie Applpie76Love TheCanadianArtist91 AngelLuvPrincess

friends that I need to talk to more : SPBrandi AskReanne AmazingNascar221 Eliza-Cute-SP marielcatdragon MewMewMei-YT 

friends I haven't talked to for a very long time : Stargaze39 KaryGregoire17 Siriath14

friends that I want to mention : TheGrantMan2 Modest-Neko FlyingPrincess Flip-Reaper-Z 

so guys I want you guys to pay attention to this no matter what happens to me I'll be fine so hopefully I will return but guys promise me you will all stay good friends and be happy together like a teamwork so therefore I gotta go so hopefully I will come back maybe until my 2 year anniversary of the first day I came here

I love you all so hopefully I will be back goodbye guys Goodbye grandma. 
Elijah in Picrew
I saw a few picrew's that a few people were doing so I thought I do it too

this was the best I made

if you wanna do this here's the link :
It's My Birthday
I decide to do a early birthday art

Lola and Jenny Simons : as April Stewart

Admin : GemmaDex

Elijah Scott : as myself
so guys it's almost my 18th birthday and hopefully everyone is going to give me fanart or something because I wanna be special so hopefully it will happen and remember my Birthday is on the 31st of January 
another video of why I left my channel in YouTube

link video :…
well anyone have a Nintendo Switch and and tell me what games do you like to play when you feel like playing it anyone comments
previous on my the journal I told you to go see the link of my old YouTube Channel I told everyone the reason so when I made a update about it guess what happen no one respond it and I knew something wasn't right and I finally knew it I had to view all those videos to myself cause everyone obviously forgot about me cause I told everyone The PC stuff will not come until December but lucky to me I finally got it here last month of 2018 I am very disappointed to fans that didn't even tried to see the videos 
find it in my YouTube Channel Link and watch it :…
I draw this ever since it was Kenny McCormick's Birthday ever since March 31 I think? and give him a gift which was revealed of the Metal Baseball Bat
Happy Birthday Kenny McCormick by elipolk2107

so now I decide to take a photo of my real Metal Baseball Bat
My Metal Baseball Bat by elipolk2107
Face Reveal January 2019
so guys since it's now 2019 in January mt Birthday is coming this is what I look like 
if you are new to this I'm going to be saying this is the month where my Birthday is the day of my Birthday is January 31st
guys it's 2019 it's here 
so guys you remember the photo I showed you last month when I was out to go back to Florida well guess what today is my Nephew Cole's 8th birthday his birthday is on this day of December 3 born in 2010

My Nephew and Niece by elipolk2107
the new episode of South Park is here right now and guess what Satan had Died to the new episode now he's turned into an Angel
My Nephew and Niece
My Nephew Cole : born December 3 2010 almost 8 years old
My Niece Emma : born August 12 2018 almost 3 months old 
Meet my Niece Emma
guys when I was at Florida I want you all to see my new niece Emma she's new to the family 
guys when I said that I had to leave Texas and had to go back to Florida nobody responded to me ever since I was gone and when I came back and said I'm back and when I woke up now but no one responded it feels like that I am forgotten and abandoned could this be the last day you'll ever see me after everything we all done from each other guys I may had no other choice to abandon this account I don't know what to do 


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Happy Birthday!
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elipolk 2107 do you mind if i draw u a picture
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do you mind if i draw u a picture
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