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link video :…
Elijah meets Admin the new Girl in SP
ever since it was her Birthday she's was so friendly to everyone I love her so much she even loved everyone else too and she is also a great hugger, and now I decide to do another one

my OC meeting her OC hope you like it :) (Smile) 

Check her out : GemmaDex
I met this girl back in July 30 she was a really nice Girl that loves to make new friends and now since it's her birthday I give her this

This is her oc not mine her name is admin 
Happy Birthday GemmaDex by elipolk2107

This is her south park oc but it's a chibi version probably, hopefully she doesn't mind if I put it in this journal
GemmaDex - Admin by GemmaDex

but still guys it's her birthday but guys she is something like this girl is 100 percent not mean to me or no one else she's a kind and joyful girl so I wish her a Happy Birthday show her some Love everyone 

Check her out : GemmaDex
Happy Birthday GemmaDex
guys there's a girl I like and it's her birthday so I decide to this early her name GemmaDex this girl is a joyful person she's not mean to me or no one else, she's kind and nice so I'll link her account to check her out show her some Love and Kindness 

I gift gave her is her very own SP OC Admin I don't know owe it she does so this is the present I wanted to sent to her

Link : GemmaDex

so Happy Birthday to GemmaDex :happybounce:  
since It's October I wanted to say this, what's everyone gonna dress for Halloween 

anyone wanna say something about it, anybody 
Face Reveal October 2018
now that it's October I reveal myself I'm still wear the same shirt last month I thought I would were a different one but I didn't really care
I know this is gonna sound hard but DA is like getting old to me because it's like no one wants to see or look at my fanart but I think I might be leaving DA soon, Remember that I had a YT account yeah you see I like YouTube better because I think it's the best so I will keep this account active for months I will saying this into my HP Computer so I'm going to so switching Computers soon. 

also don't tell anyone I had this DA account there on my YouTube account so don't break that promise for me. 
My New Dog
this is my new Dog Gideon it's a boy and he's been in this house yesterday ago if you all don't notice I actually had 1 Dog back in Florida we move to North Carolina but sadly my Dog passed in July unknown number in 2015 but say hello to my new dog 
Another Face Reveal September 2018
I did another in this day 

Wished I had an Instagram account and put it on there
Last Year's 2017

Danny Cooper's Birthday by elipolk2107

This Year's 2018
Stargaze39's Birthday by elipolk2107

even though he hasn't been active in this account I still wanna wish him a happy birthday to Stargaze39
Stargaze39's Birthday
guys Today is Stargaze39's Birthday he hasn't been active on this account for quite a while but let's all wish him a happy birthday 

Link : Stargaze39

make him as your new friend if you didn't met him before
Last Year's 2017 

Catherine Dixon's Birthday by elipolk2107
This Year's 2018

FlyingPrincess's Birthday by elipolk2107

guys say happy birthday to FlyingPrincess let's show her how much we love and care about her 
FlyingPrincess's Birthday
today is FlyingPrincess's Birthday and this is her OC Catherine Dixon, this wasn't her actually OC look I changed it, if it was alright with her

go check her out : FlyingPrincess

give this Girl some love guys not hate treat her nicely 
Last Year's 2017
Thomas Overseer's Yesterday's Birthday by elipolk2107

This Year's 2018
Meowjar's Birthday by elipolk2107

everybody say happy birthday to MeowJar please we wanna show him how much we care about him
Meowjar's Birthday
today is Meowjar's Birthday and this is his OC Thomas Overseer

it's his birthday

go check him out : MeowJar

and also haven't made any fanart lately but I did now
My Mom got Injured
okay guys yesterday my Mom got an injury Knee and Foot so she may not able to walk around until her leg heals since my stepdad is at work I have to do everything now and this is the first time she got injured
 so guys I have been tagged by: GemmaDex 

here are the rules:
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U!  If you get tagged, you must answer these questions below.

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U!   Make a journal, copy the rules and the questions below. 

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U!  Tag 10 people to answer! 

Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U!  Have fun! 

1. What's your real name? 
Elijah :) (Smile) 

2. How old are you?
17 years old 

3. Your nicknames?
my family and friends call me Elijah 

4. What food do you like? 
McDonald's Chicken Nuggets, Cereals, and Chocolate Candy 

5. What kind of Music do you like?
Rap, Rock, and Pop Music emoticon 

6. What's your favorite Idol?
my StepFather he's teaching me new things when we're out of the house 

7. What Program do you use for drawing?

I don't actually a program to draw my stuff but I draw stuff with my Paper and put it in Pic Collage Emoticon drawing 

8. Show your first art and your last art!

My Old OC's Reference Sheet  Eli Polk Reference Sheet by elipolk2107

My New OC's Reference Sheet  Elijah Scott Polk (new look) Reference Sheet by elipolk2107

9. What's your main OC's name? 
my OC's name is Elijah Polk there was no other available name to call him 

10. You single or taken? 

11. Why did you choose this username for DeviantArt? 
well my short name is Eli and my last is Polk and my password Espesp2017 were mixed up to elipolk2107 but why 2107 instead of 2017 oh well!

12. What's your nationality? 
I'm American

13. What's your favorite song right now?
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Sia: Cheap Thrills 
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Felix Jaehn: OMI Cheerleader 
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Jim Yosef: Firefly not actually a song on vevo but it's from a YouTube Channel called NoCopyRightSounds
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Foster the People : Pumped up Kicks
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! DEAF KEV: Invincible from YouTube NoCopyRightSounds 

there's more songs I like but those are the five I like the most 

I tag these guys 

if it's alright with GemmaDex if anyobody that wants to be tagged in this Journal let me know in the comments
anyone got a notification saying Celebrate Deviantart's 18th Birthday! 

cause I got that notice anyone else had that sames time comment here now 


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